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| April 28, 2017

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Trump administration launches national security investigation into steel imports

April 20, 2017 |

The Trump administration directed the Commerce Department on Thursday to expedite an investigation into whether the way other countries sell steel compromises U.S. national security.

In a briefing Thursday morning, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the review would consider how much steel the…

L.A. Times – Business


Rand Paul: Syria strikes ‘not in the national interest’

April 9, 2017 |

Sen. Rand Paul said Saturday that he wants Congress to exercise its constitutional authority to declare war before any further actions in Syria. And he had sharp words for those who say a post-9/11 law gives President Trump that power, calling them “dishonest” and “not intellectually serious.” – RSS Channel – World

Steve Bannon No Longer on National Security Council

April 5, 2017 |

President Trump generated controversy early in his presidency when he named chief strategist Steve Bannon to a post on the National Security Council. Now, however, Bannon is no longer on the council, reports Bloomberg . The White House announced an NSC shakeup Wednesday in which Bannon is out and Homeland Security…


Venezuelan court reverses move to strip National Assembly of power

April 2, 2017 |

Venezuelan government leaders on Saturday urged the country’s Supreme Court to review its decision to take over the National Assembly’s legislative powers, a much-decried move that opposition members have called a coup. – RSS Channel – World

Elephants Kill Employee in South African National Park

March 31, 2017 |

A herd of elephants has attacked a group of wildlife park employees in South Africa, trampling one to death and seriously injuring another, the AP reports. South Africa’s national parks service said Friday that the incident occurred Thursday afternoon near a camp in the flagship Kruger National Park. The parks…

Hundreds Enter US National Parks Never to Return

March 14, 2017 |

David Paulides believes the American public would be spooked if it knew how many people were mysteriously disappearing every year in the country’s national parks. People have gone missing while poking around near a gift shop, running with a friend, and wearing professional survival gear. And while Paulides could be…

Girl Is Youngest Ever to Head to National Spelling Bee

March 7, 2017 |

Plenty of adults would struggle to spell “colloquial,” “odori” and “sevruga.” Five-year-old Edith Fuller made it look like a cakewalk. An early crowd favorite, Edith beat out 48 competitors age 5 to 14 at the Green Country Regional Spelling Bee in Tulsa, Okla., on Saturday, making her the youngest person…

GOP Leaders Want Trump to Undo National Monuments

March 6, 2017 |

Republican leaders in Maine and Utah are asking President Trump to step into uncharted territory and rescind national monument designations made by his predecessor. The Antiquities Act of 1906 doesn’t give the president power to undo a designation, and no president has ever taken such a step. But Trump isn’t…

Democratic National Committee Has a New Chair

February 25, 2017 |

Tom Perez was elected as the new chair of the Democratic National Committee on Saturday, replacing interim chair Donna Brazile, Politico reports. Perez, who served as Labor secretary under Barack Obama and is a former civil rights lawyer, won during the second ballot after falling a single vote shy in…