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| August 17, 2018

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Need Cold Storage? Check Out’s Revamped Paper Wallet Generator

August 7, 2018 |

Need Cold Storage? Check Out's Revamped Paper Wallet Generator

There are many ways to store bitcoin cash, and while some people use mobile apps, others use hardware wallets to store their digital assets. Then there are those who use one of the oldest methods in the book — the paper wallet. The tried and true paper wallet technique is a convenient way to store bitcoin cash (BCH) offline in a physical manner, with funds still spendable or receivable at any time. At we’ve revamped our paper wallet section so our visitors can create a beautiful physical bitcoin cash bill in a matter of minutes.

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Cryptocurrencies have become very popular and people who use digital assets store them in various ways. One of the oldest methods for storing bitcoin cash is the use of a paper wallet, which is basically a piece of paper that holds funds because it contains a printed set of both the private and public key. As long as no one has visible access to the bill’s private key, the paper wallet can be a very secure method of offline storage (cold wallet). At we’ve always had a paper wallet generator available, but we’ve recently updated the portal so anyone can easily create a bitcoin cash-loaded bill that can be spent at any time.

Need Cold Storage? Check Out's Revamped Paper Wallet Generator

All a person has to do is use our wallet generator to create a bitcoin cash (BCH) private key and print the paper wallet on a secure printer. In order to make the process very secure, we recommend downloading our paper wallet source code and creating the seed using a device that’s not connected to the internet. Simply print out the finished product using our yellow and black design (similar to the anarcho-capitalist flag) and cut the bill out with some scissors. You can go the extra mile and laminate the paper to make the wallet more durable over time. Remember paper can last a while, but it couldn’t hurt to add some extra durability measures if you decide the paper wallets won’t be used for a very long time.

Loadable, Spendable, Open Source, and Stylish

After cutting out the bill, our paper wallet designs allow users to fold the private key section over and a piece of tape can be used to seal the private key from view. After performing these steps, the best thing to do next is store the paper wallet in a safe location, and when you are ready to spend the bitcoin cash you can easily sweep the funds into a wallet at any time. Just scan the private key QR code with your wallet (or other compatible wallets) and the software will sweep up the BCH. Loading the paper wallet is super easy as all an individual has to do is send funds to the public address. You can load the paper wallet with as much funds as you desire at any given time. For instance, you can make $ 1, $ 20, $ 40, $ 100, and even $ 1M bearer bonds.

Need Cold Storage? Check Out's Revamped Paper Wallet Generator

So if you are looking for a secure and convenient way to store your bitcoin cash then check out our bitcoin cash paper wallet generator. In as little as five minutes you can create a paper wallet and keep the BCH in a safe place that only you have access to. With a little practice you’ll become a BCH bill printing machine, but remember that unlike central bank-issued fiat, there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin cash.

Have you tried our paper wallet generator? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Bigger Sales Than Apple? China’s Huawei Doesn’t Need the U.S.

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Want to work in tech? You don’t need to know how to code

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Watchdog to EPA: You Need to Do Better After Flint Crisis

July 19, 2018 |

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Paul Newman was determined to help veterans in need, says close friend

July 4, 2018 |

Paul Newman may still be celebrated as one of most iconic movie stars of the 20th century, but one of the actor’s proudest achievements was helping others when cameras weren’t rolling.
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Here Are Some More Things That Really Don’t Need Blockchain

June 25, 2018 |

Here Are Some More Things That Really Don’t Need Blockchain

Every week, the inbox, and that of every other crypto newsdesk, fills up with press releases festooned with gratuitous use of the word ‘blockchain’. We’re not against blockchain technology – all of our favorite cryptocurrencies are reliant on it – but we’re vehemently against things being given blockchain that have no right to that moniker, like the following examples.

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Blockchain, Because 2018

Here Are Some More Things That Really Don’t Need BlockchainBemoaning gratuitous appropriation of blockchain isn’t anything new; this publication, and many others, have been bemoaning its brand-jacking for months. Since PR companies don’t seem to have taken the hint, it behoves us to name and shame some of the more egregious cases, in the hope that others take the hint. We’ll start with Our Music Festival. The event, scheduled for San Francisco on October 20, will be “the first-ever blockchain powered festival.” Its organizers have been “exploring the potential synergies between blockchain technology and the festival business.” Having done some cursory exploring ourselves, we failed to detect any. Sorry, OMF, but we’ll pass.

Here Are Some More Things That Really Don’t Need Blockchain
A selection of the spurious blockchain PR messages we receive on a weekly basis

What else has reached the inbox lately from the world of blockchain? In “Half Of All Millennials Heart Coupons: How Blockchain Will Take Discounting To The Next Level” we learn that “Blockchain technology allows for the greatest degree of customization instead of that one-size fits all coupon on Groupon. The digital ledger allows companies to look at what a customer buys often and offer deeper discounts on those products. So basically, consumers get the discounts they actually want, not ones that just make them shrug their shoulders.”

Here Are Some More Things That Really Don’t Need Blockchain

Finally (or we’d be here all day), we have an email simply titled “Can Blockchain help farmer?” If “farmer” is planning to build a censorship-resistant distributed ledger to facilitate P2P payment of cryptocurrency, yes. Otherwise, we think not.

Replace ‘Blockchain’ with ‘Distributed Database’

A simple means of telling whether a product needs blockchain is to replace the word with ‘distributed database’. For example, “Hashed PKI certificates stored on a distributed database” works. “Distributed database-powered festival,” on the other hand, does not. If any good comes of the enduring bear market, it will hopefully be the loss of blockchain as a superfluous prefix for products. If it takes another 12 months of bleeding crypto markets to weed out the blockchain impostors, we’ll take it. We welcome news tips, especially stories of real-world cryptocurrency adoption. But please, no more superfluous blockchain. We just can’t take it.

Here Are Some More Things That Really Don’t Need Blockchain

What are the most ridiculous appropriations of blockchain that you’ve encountered? Let us know in the comments section below.

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The post Here Are Some More Things That Really Don’t Need Blockchain appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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High earners need to watch out for Medicare surcharge

June 24, 2018 |

Dear Liz: When I retired at age 70, I anticipated receiving the maximum available Social Security benefit payment because I had paid in the maximum tax for my entire career. I did not anticipate the heavy hit my spouse and I would take in monthly income-adjusted Medicare “premiums.” (I say “tax”…

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Analysis: Kim had a great summit. He didn’t need to give anything away.

June 12, 2018 |

Kim Jong Un couldn’t have scripted his Singapore sojourn any better himself. As he toured the streets on a night-time walkabout and posed for selfies with the Singaporean foreign minister, he was treated more like a rock star than a pariah autocrat. – RSS Channel – World