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| September 23, 2018

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Trump tariffs are good news for China’s sellers of knockoff designer bags

September 21, 2018 |

When President Trump threatens China with more tariffs, Lulu thinks of her commission checks and smiles.

It’s a good time to work in the fake-handbag business.

The shadow industry — already a big moneymaker — stands to reap another windfall from the U.S.-China trade war.

Knockoffs of famous brands…

L.A. Times – Business

Early TV Ratings Are Bad News for Emmys

September 18, 2018 |

“We just want to say a quick hello to the thousands of you here in the audience tonight, and to the hundreds watching at home,” host Colin Jost joked during his opening monologue at the Emmy Awards Monday night. He may have been off by a few million, but he…

Judge Has Bad News for Hawaiian Princess

September 16, 2018 |

A judge ruled this week that Hawaiian “princess” Abigail Kawananakoa isn’t mentally capable of handling her $ 215 million fortune—the latest development in a saga of aging royalty and alleged abuse, the Guardian reports. Kawananakoa, 92, who descends from the royal family that once ruled the Hawaiian kingdom, had a…

More Bad News for Alex Jones

September 8, 2018 |

Silicon Valley thwacked Alex Jones again when Apple permanently yanked his Infowars app from the App Store on Friday, the Verge reports. Apple had no comment but pointed Buzzfeed to its app guidelines, which forbid a whole host of content including “defamatory, discriminatory, or mean-spirited” material or anything “likely to…

July Held Bad News for US Trade Deficit

September 5, 2018 |

The US trade deficit widened for the second straight month in July, reaching the highest level since February, as imports hit an all-time high. The deficit in goods with China and the European Union set records, reports the AP . The Commerce Department said Wednesday that the deficit in goods and…

Crossing a line? Trump wants heads of CNN, NBC News fired

August 31, 2018 |

I have said since Donald Trump got into the campaign that he has every right to hit back at the media that he believes covers him unfairly.
FOX News

Good News for Future Lunar Colonists

August 22, 2018 |

Future lunar colonists shouldn’t have too much trouble finding water: In a first, astronomers have discovered ice—specifically patches of frost—on the moon’s north and south poles, in areas permanently shaded from the sun. Found by observing how molecules absorb infrared light, the ice is particularly concentrated in surface…

Charter Spectrum plans to report local TV news, 24 hours a day, in Los Angeles

August 18, 2018 |

Local TV news has settled into a familiar routine: a pingpong of live shots with reporters standing near the scene of a crime, a wildfire or the wreckage of a deadly crash. Newscasts are peppered with helicopter views of freeway tie-ups, followed by weather reports and sports.

Cable TV giant Charter…

L.A. Times – Business

Good News for NYU Medical Students: Free Tuition

August 17, 2018 |

New York University has a plan to encourage more medical students to pursue careers in lower-paying specialties: alleviate the six-figure debt that comes with pursuing a medical degree. To do that, NYU will now give all of its medical students a free ride, the Wall Street Journal reports. The huge…