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| April 21, 2019

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Meatless Whopper, Petition Put Veggie Pressure on Rival

April 12, 2019 |

McDonald’s is feeling the heat on veggie burgers. More than 160,000 people have signed a petition calling for the chain to add a meatless option to its menu, the Guardian reports. McDonald’s has tested a McVegan in Finland and Sweden, and put it on the menu at its headquarters…

Woman’s Petition Gets 5M Votes. Now She’s Terrified

March 24, 2019 |

The woman who created an incredibly successful anti-Brexit petition has left Britain—apparently fleeing for her life, the Guardian reports. Margaret Georgiadou, whose petition has over 5.2 million signatures Sunday, says she has endured a “torrent” of Facebook abuse and three phoned death threats that left her “shaking like…

Petition: Sell Montana for $1T

February 17, 2019 |

With the national debt pushing $ 22 trillion, why not sell off a state and ease the fiscal pain? So says a cheeky petition that suggests selling Montana to Canada for $ 1 trillion, the Huffington Post reports. “We have too much debt and Montana is useless,” writes petition creator…

Petition Calls for US to Give Slice of Minnesota to Canada

January 6, 2019 |

A petition on the White House website calls for the government to make America great again by giving part of the country to Canada. The petition urges the government to correct a centuries-old geographic error by giving Canada a part of Minnesota known as the Northwest Angle, the CBC reports….

Petition: Spongebob Must Sing at Halftime

December 2, 2018 |

Spongebob Squarepants ‘ creator may be gone, but he’s far from forgotten. A fan’s petition has garnered nearly 300,000 signatures as of this writing asking the NFL to have “Sweet Victory” performed at the next halftime show, Fox News reports. Spongebob performed the ’80s-style power ballad at the fictional…

Petition to Free Ross Ulbricht Gathers 100,000 Signatures

November 26, 2018 |

Petition to Free Ross Ulbricht Gathers 100,000 Signatures

Over the last few months, a petition aimed at freeing Ross Ulbricht from prison has garnered 100,000 signatures. The request addressed to U.S. president Donald Trump and hosted on explains that Ulbricht deserves clemency because his investigation, trial, and sentencing were rife with abuse.

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After Reaching the Milestone, Ulbricht Petition Now Aims for 150,000 Signatures

Ross Ulbricht is serving a double life sentence plus 40 years for his involvement with the creation of the Silk Road marketplace. Ulbricht has spent the last five years in prison after U.S. law enforcement arrested him on Oct. 1, 2013, at the San Francisco Public Library. Since then, Ulbricht and his family have tried to appeal the judgment with the supreme court system and a post-conviction relief extension, which were both denied. After dealing with the courts last July, the Ulbricht family started a petition on asking Donald Trump to pardon Ulbricht and allow him to be released from prison. Four months later, Ulbricht’s clemency petition has reached 103,980 signatures and climbing.

Petition to Free Ross Ulbricht Gathers 100,000 Signatures

Ulbricht’s petition emphasizes many points that explain how the Silk Road investigation and trial showed rampant corruption. For instance, many people to this day question how the government accessed the Silk Road server and seemingly produced warrantless seizures across internet traffic. Then two rogue officers involved with the Silk Road case were caught stealing bitcoins from the government and blatantly covering up evidence. The judge and prosecution also denied Ulbricht’s right to cross-examination and witnesses were barred from testifying. In addition to these issues, further evidence emerged showing many flaws throughout the Silk Road investigation and trial.

Hope for a Second Chance

The appeal to Trump details that the double life sentence for non-violent crimes sends a “shock to the conscience.” “Ross did not get a fair trial and his sentence was draconian —  Justice was not served,” the petition notes.

The letter to Trump says that the undersigned seek mercy for Ulbricht and mentions that he has also garnered 100 letters from individuals all around the world speaking on behalf of his character. Ross’s mother Lyn Ulbricht has told many times in the past that her son’s case affects everyone living in the U.S. “Without fair trials, we are in big trouble — Fair trial is the framework of our freedom,” explained Lyn in an in-depth interview after her son was sentenced to life in prison.

Petition to Free Ross Ulbricht Gathers 100,000 Signatures
Top comments from individuals who signed the petition.

The corruption throughout the entire Silk Road case has gathered a lot of attention and support from people who believe Ulbricht’s arrest and sentence was unjust. Further, there are many trials that have given the American people reason to believe the justice system is broken. However, the Ulbricht family’s petition to the president says Ross still clings to hope of getting a second chance. “A future where he can be reunited with his loved ones, and use his education, knowledge, and skills to give to his community and society as a whole — Please sign this petition and help us bring Ross home,” the appeal concludes.

What do you think about the Ross Ulbricht petition gathering 100,000 signatures? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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Newser Petition Attempts to Fight for Ross Ulbricht’s Freedom

July 17, 2018 | Petition to Fight for Ross Ulbricht's Freedom and Justice

After being denied a post-conviction relief extension in February 2018, Ross Ulbricht’s family and legal team filed a Petition of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court based on constitutional violations in the investigation and at sentencing. The petition was supported by 21 organizations, however, the Court denied Ulbricht’s petition on June 28. The fight to free Ross Ulbricht, 33, is now reinforced with a new petition created on, 3 days ago by There are currently 6,242+ signatures and the petition aims at reaching 7,500.

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“It’s Not the End,” Mother Cried at Her Son When Taken Back to Prison Cell

“It’s not the end.” Lyn Ulbricht had cried at her son in the courtroom when a marshal set his hand on his back to signal it was time to return to the cell after hearing the sentence. That was in Manhattan’s U.S. district court in May 2015. That day, Lyn had declared she would never turn away from her son, whom she considers innocent. The fight to seek justice for their son is not over for this family.

“My son, Ross Ulbricht, is serving a double life sentence plus 40 years, without the possibility of parole, for a website he made when he was 26 years old and passionate about free markets and privacy. Ross, an Eagle Scout, scientist and peaceful entrepreneur, had all non-violent charges and no criminal history.” The petition says.

“A Sentence That Shocks the Conscience.” Petition to Fight for Ross Ulbricht's Freedom and JusticeUlbricht was accused of being the creator of Silk Road, the infamous international dark site and drug bazaar created in 2011, under the pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts,” aka “DPR” and was arrested in 2013.

The physics graduate and alleged mastermind behind Silk Road, described in the petition as “an e-commerce platform similar to eBay, where individual users chose what to list for sale,” was convicted in February 2015 after a four-week trial on all seven counts, from drug trafficking and money laundering to maintaining an “ongoing criminal enterprise.” All to be served concurrently with no chance of parole. A sentence usually reserved to drug kingpins.

Judge Katherine Forrest said she would give Ross “the severest sentence possible.” Restrained by law from issuing the death penalty, she gave him a walking death sentence instead. “Ross’s appeal points out grotesque disparity between Ross’s life sentence—which is unheard of for a young man with no criminal history and all non-violent charges, and the sentences of other Silk Road defendants.” writes. Petition to Fight for Ross Ulbricht's Freedom and JusticeUlbricht’s new legal team, Williams & Connolly, also argue that there have been discrepancies in the investigation, namely with the participation of two rogue agents leading the federal investigation into Silk Road.

“Ross is condemned to die in prison, not for dealing drugs himself but for a website where others did. This is far harsher than the punishment for many murderers, pedophiles, rapists and other violent people.” The petition says.

Ulbricht has been relocated from New York to a maximum-security penitentiary called USP Florence. The family says this prison is meant for some of the country’s most violent offenders and they don’t understand why Ross is being kept there for his life sentence.

Do you think the sentence faced by Ross Ulbricht was fair and do you think the petition will be heard? Let us know in the comments section below.

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