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| August 17, 2018

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Bitcoin’s price has been manipulated with another cryptocurrency: tether, professor says

June 13, 2018 |

Tether, one of the most-traded cryptocurrencies, shows a pattern of being spent on bitcoin at pivotal moments, helping to drive the world’s first digital asset to a record price in December, according to research by a University of Texas professor known for flagging suspicious activity in the VIX…

L.A. Times – Business

Little-Known Law Professor Gets Nod to Form Italy’s New Government

May 24, 2018 |

Italy’s president asked a political novice chosen by two antiestablishment parties to form a coalition government after more than two months of wrangling touched off by March elections that yielded no clear winner. What’s News Europe

Boston college professor offers extra credit for students to go on dates

April 17, 2018 |

A Boston College philosophy professor—known simply as the “dating professor”—offers extra credit to her students who (while sober) ask someone out on a date, go on the date (still sober) with no physical contact.
FOX News

Jesus was ‘drag king’ with ‘queer desires,’ claims theology professor

March 29, 2018 |

A Catholic college theology professor’s claims about Jesus are rather unusual, and would be considered blasphemous and heretical to most Christians.
FOX News

Geography Gaffe Costs Professor His Job

February 12, 2018 |

An online adjunct professor incorrectly told a student that Australia isn’t a country and gave her a failing grade, prompting Southern New Hampshire University to replace the instructor. Buzzfeed News reports that the 27-year-old student in Idaho was assigned to compare American social norms to that of another country. She…

Taliban: Kidnapped US Professor Is Extremely Sick

October 31, 2017 |

An American professor kidnapped in Afghanistan more than a year ago is extremely ill and getting worse all the time, the Taliban says. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says 60-year-old Kevin King has “dangerous” heart and kidney diseases that have “exponentially worsened” during his time in captivity. “His illness has intensified,…

Stanford professor getting death threats over ‘gaydar’ research

October 16, 2017 |

“Our findings expose a threat to the privacy and safety of gay men and women,” wrote Michal Kosinski in a paper set to be published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology—only he’s the one now finding himself in danger.
FOX News

Professor Nears 70 Marathons Heeding Wife’s Dying Wish

July 22, 2017 |

In 2003, as Christine Guetzloff was dying of ovarian cancer at the age of 34, she sat her husband down for an important conversation. “Tom, you need to do something—you’re just way out of shape,” she told the West Virginia State college chemistry professor. “Look at you, Tom. You’re…

Professor Goes on Warmbier Rant: ‘Got What He Deserved’

June 24, 2017 |

A University of Delaware professor is causing a riot online after posting to her personal Facebook page that student Otto Warmbier “got exactly what he deserved” following his death Monday upon returning from North Korea. According to USA Today , adjunct anthropology professor Kathy Dettwyler went off on students like Warmbier,…