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| August 19, 2018

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She(256) Mentorship Program Aims to Help More Women Gain a Cryptocurrency Career

August 18, 2018 |

She(256) Mentorship Program Aims to Help More Women Gain a Cryptocurrency Career

She(256) is a clever name for a novel scheme. The female-focused mentorship program is designed to support women entering the cryptocurrency space. In doing so, the program will enable students to benefit from the guidance of a crypto OG – a seasoned professional whose business and technical experience should prove invaluable. The She(256) initiative has been broadly welcomed in most quarters of the cryptoconomy.

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Mo’ Mentors, Mo’ Women

She(256) Mentorship Program Aims to Help More Women Gain a Cryptocurrency Career“Dear men of crypto, I would love to see many of you sign up to be She(256) mentors,” tweeted Jill Carlson. The cryptocurrency all-rounder is a recognisable and respected figure in an industry that is still overwhelmingly male-dominated. “Many of you have been the most important mentors and influences in my career,” she continued. “It matters more than you know when you support your female colleagues.”

The program she was referring to, She(256), is a University of California, Berkeley-led initiative that “presents the opportunity for a professional and young student or early-career young adult to learn from each other serving as guides and allies”. Few would argue with the basic rationale behind its ethos. Anyone who can recall their first foray into crypto, and the fledgling mistakes they made, personally and professionally, can surely appreciate the value in such an initiative.

Cryptocurrency, and the insular and often esoteric world it’s spawned, makes perfect sense once you’re battle-hardened and embroiled in it. For newcomers, however, the industry – which is notoriously unforgiving of incompetence and ‘newb mistakes’ – can seem daunting. This is true of all entrants to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, regardless of gender, skill set, or experience accrued in other sectors.

Breaking Barriers, Nurturing Talent

She(256) Mentorship Program Aims to Help More Women Gain a Cryptocurrency Career“In defining the blockchain is critical that those building up these far-reaching systems represent the diversity of our global population, explains She(256). “We wanted She(256) to be a movement that would have long-term impact on this burgeoning industry, by allowing more women to feel welcome in this space and by highlighting the work of women who are already making an impact in this field.”

There is nothing like this particular time, place, or industry that has ever existed in the past, which gives us the unique position to set a precedent. Blockchain is disruptive technology. So let’s disrupt the industry with more diversity.

How it Works

In practice, the (She)256 mentorship program will see mentors contacting their allotted student by phone or in person 1-3 times a month, augmented by emails and other communications. Participants are matched to their mentor or mentee for a period of one year initially, with the option to maintain contact thereafter. “For mentees, utilize your mentors and their industry expertise to ask questions, bounce off ideas, and seek direction. For mentors, provide guidance, learn from fresh perspectives, and serve as an anchor,” explains the website.

A number of well-known figures within the cryptocurrency space have thrown their weight behind (She)256, both in terms of promoting it and in volunteering to participate in it. There have been some dissenting voices, whose opposition seems to revolve around the belief that cryptocurrency doesn’t need diversity quotas; decentralized systems, by their nature, do not care for gender, identity, or any other characteristic that exerts sway in other spheres – they care only for the veracity delivered by cryptographic protocols, and the competency of the engineers who developed them.

Even without focusing on its appeal to “young female-identifying individuals” however, She(256)’s mentorship program is sure to help emerging talents find their feet and add value to the burgeoning cryptoconomy. And that can only be a good thing.

Do you think She(256) will help more women gain cryptocurrency careers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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TSA chief defends controversial Quiet Skies surveillance program

August 14, 2018 |

At a gathering of corporate travel managers, the head of the Transportation Security Administration defended a once little-known program to target airline passengers whose travel patterns raise suspicions.

During an on-stage discussion before thousands of travel managers and in an interview, TSA…

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Amazon partners with L.A. community colleges for cloud computing program

August 9, 2018 |

Starting as early as this fall, students around Los Angeles will have the opportunity to learn to code in one of the biggest software growth areas: cloud computing, an increasingly popular online-based technology that is used for data analytics and file storage.

That’s due to a partnership announced…

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PR: BUBI Launches Code Review Bounty Program

August 3, 2018 |

BUBI Launches Code Review Bounty Program

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

The Bubi Code Review Bounty Program, organized by the Bubi Technical Community, will be officially launched on August 4th, 2018. The event has prepared prizes for those who report bugs or give optimization suggestions, with a prize pool of up to one million dollars. Developers can visit the official website to sign up, review the BUBI Chain X source code, get rewards, and finally achieve self-worth.

With years of development, the innovative ledger and decentralization concepts of blockchain have been recognized by the public and become the darling of capital. People are increasingly focusing on its superficial value and price, ignoring the fundamental element-the technology.

“We held this event mainly to focus on the blockchain technology itself. Though Code Review is an important and indispensable part for developers to find bugs in the development process, knowledge propagation and mutual learning between developers will be highlighted in this event.” said Wang Jing, CTO of Bubi and founder of the Bubi Technical Community. “We hope that the global developers will work together on BUBI Chain X source code with the concept of open source blockchain. On the one hand, the source code of the Bubi blockchain can be optimized. On the other hand, we also hope to create a pure technical communication community, so that developers at home and abroad can conduct some technical and academic exchanges and discussions based on the source code.”

If technology is to have a tangible impact on people’s lives, code is only the first step in the development of blockchain, and scenarios and applications are also crucial.

“Code review is the first phase for developers in the Bubi Technical Community. Later, we will host graduation design competition for college and university students, and incubation programs for programmer entrepreneurs. Bubi has been deeply involved in the blockchain field for many years, with rich experience and resources in technologies, applications, scenarios, as well as project incubations. We hope to share our experience through a series of activities, work with people from all walks of life around the world to discuss the applications of blockchain and make our contribution to the blockchain industry. ” Wang Jing added.

It is reported that BUBI Chain X is the public chain source code developed by the Bubi R&D team for BUMO. It has been officially launched and has been running smoothly for more than 2 months. BUMO is the next-generation public infrastructure blockchain for commercial use, which aims to establish a ubiquitous trust network of value circulation and is committed to creating a distributed business ecosystem with extensive digital trust, free value circulation, and mass shared applications.

The Code Review Bounty Program is the first developer event in the Bubi Technical Community. The advisory institutions include the department of Cloud Computing and Big Data of CAICT and the Blockchain Committee of CCF. We also closely cooperate with universities and technical communities. Therefore, it is an event gathering government agencies, enterprises, academics and global developers. It is hoped that global developers and people from all walks of life will actively participate in the reward scheme and catch opportunities to learn from and communicate with each other and solve various problems in blockchain application scenarios based on advanced technologies and ideas in BUMO source code, finally bringing more opportunities for fairness, progress and development to the industry.

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BUBI Tech Community:

This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

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Civil rights groups and lawmakers express concerns about a TSA program that tracks domestic travelers

July 31, 2018 |

Civil rights groups and lawmakers are demanding that the Transportation Security Administration explain a program that tasks federal air marshals at airports and on domestic flights to track and monitor Americans who have committed no crimes.

The program, called Quiet Skies, was first reported…

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TSA launches new training program for airport screeners, but the union is not impressed

July 23, 2018 |

Faced with an unusually high turnover rate among airport screeners, the Transportation Security Administration is starting a program to “foster career growth” by letting screeners learn new skills while on the job.

The union representing TSA workers likes the sentiment, but says the program, which…

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Kim Kardashian Visits Women’s Prison to Discuss Release Program

July 7, 2018 |

Kim Kardashian West met one-on-one with several prisoners to discuss what it’s like being locked up … and their concerns about going back into the real world. Sources close to the situation tell TMZ … Kim arrived at the California…

Amazon Rolls Out Delivery Van Program

June 28, 2018 |

Amazon packages, which usually show up in a UPS truck, an unmarked vehicle, or in the hands of a mail carrier, may soon be delivered from an Amazon van. The online retailer, wanting more control over how its packages are delivered, is rolling out a program Thursday that lets entrepreneurs…

Brave Browser Launches Trial for Advertising Program

June 19, 2018 |

Brave Browser Launches Trial for Advertising Program

Brave Software, the publisher of an open-source web browser boasting enhanced privacy features, built-in ad blocker, and built-in cryptocurrency (Basic Attention Token [BAT]), has commenced the trial phase of its ad program. Brave users who participate in the trial for the program will be paid a sum of BAT proportional to 70% of the company’s advertising revenues in exchange for viewing ads.

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Brave Browser Begins Trialing Advertising Program

Brave Browser Launches Trial for Advertising ProgramBrave Software has commenced trials for its browser’s ads program.

The company, which was founded by former chief architect and CTO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, and former senior software engineer at Mozilla and former software developer lead at Khan Academy, Brian Bondy, claims that its browser offers a number of speed and privacy advantages over its competitors. Brave’s website claims that the browser loads pages up to two times faster than other browsers on desktop, and up to eight times faster of mobile – owing in large part to its inbuilt ad blocker that seeks to eliminate undesired bandwidth expenditure.

Once the product is fully launched, the browser will allow its users to choose between either block ads entirely, or earn the browser’s inbuilt cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token, in exchange for viewing ads. describes BAT as comprising “a utility token based on the Ethereum technology that can also be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers.”

Ad Program Participants to Receive 70% of Advertising Revenues

Brave Browser Launches Trial for Advertising ProgramThe company’s ad program will see users view a “few relevant ads” several times each day. Each time an advert is viewed, the browser user will earn BAT tokens – with Brave set to distribute 70% of the profits generated through advertising with browser users who opt to view ads.

As participants in the trial will have their browsing histories sent to Brave for analysis, the trial may not be appropriate for those seeking to reap the full privacy benefits of the browser.

In April, Brave Software announced that they would partner with Dow Jones Media Group. The agreement was described as comprising “Brave [providing] access to premium content from Down Jones Media Group to a limited number of users who download the Brave browser.”

Daniel Bernard, the senior vice president of Dow Jones Media Group-owned Barron’s, expressed optimism regarding the deal, stating “Our partnership with Brave is an exciting and innovative step […] As global digital publishers, we believe it is important to continually explore new and emerging technologies that can be used to build quality customer experiences.”

What browser do you use? Tell us why in the comments section below!

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Anti-tax group sues California over retirement savings program for workers without benefits

May 31, 2018 |

A California anti-tax group is suing California Treasurer John Chiang as it tries to put the kibosh on a program that would provide retirement savings accounts to millions of California workers whose employers don’t offer a pension or 401(k).

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Sacramento,…

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