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| August 19, 2018

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PR: Contentos Launches Public Content Chain

August 18, 2018 |

Contentos Launches Public Content Chain

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

Contentos (COS) hosted its ‘Mastering your creativity with COS’ event at Andaz Hotel in Tokyo as part of a global tour. The event attracted major industry executives, including LiveMe CEO Yuki, Ontology founder Li Jun, Danhua Capital partner Selina, COS cofounder Mick, Blockshine CEO Daniel Zhang, Coinbase chief investment officer Ling, DAD Japan head Leslie Wu, PhotoGrid head of products Angela, and Cheez head of operations Wang Xinyuang. The conference also attracted dozens of blockchain enthusiasts from all across Japan, including local university students, blockchain developers, and blockchain entrepreneurs, to learn and better understand how COS is designing its future ecology.

COS cofounder Mick kicked off the event with a keynote speech on the landing and ecological construction of COS applications. Mick stated that COS is committed to building the world’s most extensive public chain for digital content with the goal of unifying the value of global content and returning creative ownership and value to creators and their communities. COS will effectively solve the biggest pain points that have been plaguing the content industry. Independent content creators are unable to leverage their work while content platforms and imitators receive most of the benefits, putting the content industry in a vicious circle of copyright infringement and demonetization. COS will use blockchain technology to solve this industry problem.

Mick also stated that content creators, platforms and users have not yet achieved the ideal balance as it relates to the distribution of benefits and profits, a reality that has contributed to the industry’s turmoil. It is common for agency and network executives to reap more benefits from creative content than the actual creators. Even high-quality content can be difficult to monetize in a fair manner for independent creators. Due to many content platforms’ opacity and information asymmetry, it has been difficult to guarantee creators with their own interests.

Additionally, rising competition in the content industry is forcing platforms to pay premiums for intellectual property and exclusive content, leaving less value to be passed on to the average creator. The top percentile of popular creators continue to reap most of the benefits while independent creators struggle, a vicious cycle that has yet to be broken. The saying that “Content is King” has echoed across the industry for a long time but quality content cannot be created without bringing the value back to creators. Because of asymmetric information, content creators can only voice their doubts but it can be difficult to verify any claims. While blockchain is a value and trust network, its distributed ledger ensures that the distribution and ownership of content can not be tampered, which can guarantee the interests of the creators to the greatest extent.

In this troubled landscape, COS will bring a new wave of revolution to the entire digital content industry but COS isn’t just for creators. For platforms and advertisers, participation, collaboration and innovation can also become more fair and transparent in the COS ecosystem. “We need to serve the entire digital content industry, whether it’s creators, platforms or advertisers, to maximize the benefits,” said Mick on the future.

Taking into account the massive global consumption of digital content, COS proposed the iBFT consensus algorithm, which enables each node to automatically switch between consensus methods based on the network’s transaction volume and resource utilization.

This allows the transaction validation speed to be reduced to less than 3 seconds, and TPS increased to more than 2,000 when more throughput is needed.

Following Mick’s keynote, Angela, the product manager of COS partner PhotoGrid, introduced how PhotoGrid will redefine the value of content by integrating with the COS public chain. PhotoGrid is one of the world’s leading photo editing apps with 40 million monthly active users and more than 360 million app downloads. The introduction of the COS pass system boosted user enthusiasm in the PhotoGrid community, with many users motivated to produce and share high-quality original content, which also greatly improved user retention. Through the integration with PhotoGrid, COS can circulate in the PhotoGrid ecosystem and truly implement blockchain technology to better serve the content industry.

Short video partner Cheez was also joined the event in Tokyo. Wang Xinyuan, head of operations of Cheez, introduced the app which is commonly referred to as the “American version of Shakedown” and has tens of millions of monthly active users globally. Its content advantages include collaborations with several top influencers and takes the lead in the short video space. By integration with the COS ecosystem, users can earn COS by watching, sharing, and posting short videos, among many other incentivized actions.

“Using COS to motivate users on the platform is both fresh and fun,” says Wang Xinyuan. The introduction of COS to build a new content incentive system has generated interest among content creators and users. Top performing content creators get more COS rewards and users get COS rewards for sharing the content, a strategy that is increasing user stickiness. In the first month alone, Cheez doubled its number of downloads and monthly active users.

COS has partnered and integrated with three global content platforms, which shows that COS is a content public chain with real commercial value. Content platforms such as LiveMe (live streaming), Cheez (short video), and PhotoGrid (photo sharing) are reshaping the value of content through COS. The partnership with several high-quality content platforms will prove to the world that the COS public chain technology has been recognized by leading content platforms, the global market is optimistic about the value of COS, and more and more high-quality content platforms are collaborating with COS.

The event also hosted media attendees from the blockchain industry and traditional venture capital circles. Blockchain media including Cointelegraph, 36 Krypton, Geek Park, White Whale Going Out Sea, Golden Finance, Sanyan Finance, COINVOICE, and Woman’s Block Chain also participated in the event and shared their expert opinions. At the end of the meeting, the globally-renowned blockchain publication Cointelegraph conducted an on-site interview with COS co-founder Mick as part of a series of reports featuring COS as a promising global blockchain project.

The global tour also received international media coverage from Reuters, NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, and other authoritative mainstream media in a special report about digital content public chain COS

Reuters, NASDAQ and other media reported on COS
The event was full of big names, including experts from the blockchain and content industries. Li jun, founder of ontology; Selina, partner of Danhua capital; Daniel Zhang, chief operating officer of Blockshine; Ella Zhang, chief executive officer of Binance Labs; and other guests also took the stage to share their project experiences and prospects for the future of the blockchain industry. The guests showed great interest in the content ecology of digital content public chain.

The global blockchain market is driven by capital, which is largely because the industry lacks sound development mechanisms. On the one hand, the blockchain industry’s current situation cannot meet the increasing demands for everyday production and consumption across all industries. On the other hand, the information architecture of the content industry is improving day by day, while the efficiency of traditional infrastructures lag behind. The entire industry presents an abnormal development state of superficial growth, which will require everyone to move forward with clearly defined goals.

COS will continue to pursue continuous growth and strive to return the blockchain industry to its essence and rationality. And shortly after, the COS will continue to rebuild content value coordinates and launch multi-city speaking panels. In the booming blockchain market, COS is leading the industry to make positive changes.

“We stand now and look to the future, and the future is now.”

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Aretha Franklin’s Family Planning Public Viewing at Detroit Museum

August 17, 2018 |

Aretha Franklin’s family knows a massive turnout’s expected to honor the legendary singer — and a church just won’t cut it — so they’ll hold her public viewing at a much larger venue … TMZ has learned.  Sources close to the family tell us…

Japanese Public Company Offering Loans Secured by BTC, BCH, ETH

August 1, 2018 |

Japanese Public Company Offering Loans Secured by BTC, BCH, ETH

A Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is offering loans secured by three cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, and ETH. Clients can borrow up to 300 million yen (~$ 2.7 million) at varying interest rates. The company has also established a subsidiary overseas for its crypto business.

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Loans Secured by BTC, BCH, ETH

Japanese Public Company Offering Loans Secured by BTC, BCH, ETHA Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange has begun accepting applications for cryptocurrency-secured loans. Samurai & J Partners Co. Ltd. (TYO:4764) recently launched a loan program called Samurai Crypto Loan through its subsidiary, Samurai Asset Finance (Samurai).

The company explains that loans will be offered to crypto owners with BTC, BCH, or ETH as collateral. Customers will have access to funds in Japanese yen without having to liquidate their crypto positions. In Japan, liquidating cryptocurrencies could incur taxes of up to 55%, as previously reported.

Japanese Public Company Offering Loans Secured by BTC, BCH, ETH

Customers can borrow between 20 million yen (~US$ 179,000) and 300 million yen (~$ 2.7 million) for one year, with extensions. Interest rates for these loans range from 7.0% to 15.0%, including commissions and extension fees, Samurai details. The delinquency charge is 20% annually.

Japanese Public Company Offering Loans Secured by BTC, BCH, ETHFounded in 1996, Samurai & J Partners, formerly known as Digital Design Co. Ltd., engages in the information service business globally. Samurai Asset Finance was established last year. In addition to crypto-secured loans, the company offers loans backed by real estate, securities, deposits, credits, movable properties, foreign currencies, memberships, and precious metals.

ICO Plan and Competition

Japanese Public Company Offering Loans Secured by BTC, BCH, ETHSamurai first proposed to enter the crypto-secured lending business in May. The proposal was presented to and subsequently approved by its board of directors. The company has also established an overseas subsidiary to launch an initial coin offering (ICO). “We will conduct an ICO and expand our business scope,” Samurai announced at the time.

Recently another Japanese company, Abic Corporation, announced a loan program secured by BTC. Abic’s loan terms range from 2 million yen (~US$ 18,260) to 1 billion yen (~$ 9.13 million) with annual interest rates ranging from 2.98% to 15.0%. Customers can borrow for a period of one month to five years; the delinquency charge is 20% annually.

Last week, crypto financial services platform Libra Credit partnered with Binance Labs, the investment arm of Binance, to “lend fiat and crypto denominated assets to users who pledge BNB [binance coin] as collateral,” the firm detailed.

What do you think of Samurai offering loans secured by BTC, BCH, and ETH? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Samurai & J Partners.

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Bitcoin ETF Decision Gets an Overwhelming Amount of Public Opinion

July 21, 2018 |

Bitcoin ETF Decision Gets an Overwhelming Amount of Public Opinion

A great deal of cryptocurrency proponents are hoping for a positive outcome when the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) decides on whether or not they will approve the latest bitcoin-based ETF application file by Cboe. The US regulator had asked for public opinion concerning the ETF again, and this time around the number of responses sent to the regulator is 10X the amount that was sent this past April.

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SEC Receives 10X the Number of Responses for the Upcoming Bitcoin ETF Decision

Bitcoin ETF Decision Gets an Overwhelming Amount of Public OpinionVirtual currency enthusiasts really want a bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) approved by US regulators. Over the past few weeks, since Cboe filed an application with the SEC, so it can list shares backed by the Vaneck Solidx Bitcoin Trust (“the Trust”), the SEC office received a large swathe of opinion letters from more than 90 individuals according to recent reports. The number of responses sent was 10X the amount of opinions written last April during a prior bitcoin ETF decision.

Reports also detail that Cboe’s bitcoin-based ETF has been so popular that the SEC has pushed another cryptocurrency related listing off until this September. The attempted Cboe ETF has been a popular discussion among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and some speculators believe digital asset prices will rise in anticipation of the SEC’s decision. Cryptocurrency markets have seemingly already reversed their bearish trend and a good amount of proponents believe this decision will cause a spike either before and after the ruling if it is positive.

SEC Decision Date Discrepancy and a Possible Crypto-Bull Run if the Ruling Is Positive  

There’s also been a discrepancy on when the official decision would be made as many people and publications assumed the verdict would be on August 10. However, according to a Reddit user, who claims to be a securities lawyer, on the forum r/cryptocurrency, an August 10 decision is impossible.

“The way this works is that the SEC issues a notice, which is then published in the Federal Register — As you will find stated clearly in the notice, the period is within 45 days from the date of publication in the Federal Register — not the date the notice is released by the SEC (edit: failure to understand this distinction is the source of the incorrect August 10th date),” explains the post.  

The date of publication in the Federal Register was July 2nd — This means they have until August 16th. Bear in mind that it can be extended, and even once the period ends, the SEC may “initiate proceedings” to assist in making a decision.

Bitcoin ETF Decision Gets an Overwhelming Amount of Public Opinion

A Possible Crypto-Bull Run if the SEC Ruling Is Positive

If an ETF judgment is made on August 16 there is well over a month until that date, so a lot could happen to cryptocurrency spot markets between now and that time. People who hope this ETF will happen believe it might be approved because of Cboe’s previous experience with bitcoin futures markets introduced this past December. So far the derivatives markets offered by both Cboe and CME Group have done well, and growing volumes show there is interest in these mainstream cryptocurrency investment vehicles. Arthur Hayes the co-founder and CEO of Bitmex exchange explains on the CNBC broadcast Fast Money that a positive ETF ruling could prime the next massive bull run.

“We’re one positive regulatory decision away — maybe an ETF approved by the SEC — to climb through $ 20,000 and even to $ 50,000 by the end of the year,” the Bitmex CEO states.

What do you think about the SEC being swamped with letters about the bitcoin ETF decision? Do you think a positive decision will cause a cryptocurrency bull run to happen? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Wiki Commons, and Pixabay

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PR: Challenging Ethereum – DBX Public Chain Offers a New Business Application Model

July 13, 2018 |

Challenging Ethereum - DBX Public Chain Offers a New Business Application Model

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

As many of new public chains became available on mainnet this year and openly compete with blockchain product like Ethereum , 2018 has been known as ‘the first year of public chains’. Public chains have been drawing lots of attention in blockchain markets. DBXChain might be a main competitor to Ethereum in the near future.

DBXChain, released by an internationally well-known public chain research team named DBX Foundation, is a value-based ecosystem of data based upon blockchain. This new value-based ecosystem is a decentralized data community that provides a platform for users to explore and exchange data. It provides a safe data exchange process and users are able to own their data rights. This new ownership with data is based upon blockchain technology.

Original DDPoS optimizes the consensus mechanism of blockchain

DDPoS is a new consensus mechanism that is created by DBXChain for the first time in the world. It helps resolve oligarchy and security issues from DPoS consensus mechanism by EOS. As everyone knows, DPoS consensus mechanism is similar to a shareholding system and its problems are quite obvious: first, it has a low voting rate.

More than 90% shareholders never voted. It is because it takes time, energy and skills to vote, which are what most investors do not have. Additionally, there are many challenges dealing with bad nodes. If interfering nodes can’t be checked during a community election, it will put web security at risk.
Then, how does DDPoS help resolve security and oligarchy issues while keeping its capacity at the same level? DDPoS makes the whole node selection system “fluid” so that block producer becomes a role, not a node, and this role can be transferred to other candidate producers at any time.

With continuous data exchange at the bottom level of DBX public chain, the coupling level between a node and the whole ecosystem will be counted into an election system using weighted algorithm. During this process, users can vote at anytime, and DBXChain thus helps dodge potential bribery and security issues under DPoS system.

Enhance TPS and improves consensus efficiency

Blockchain is a distributed system, and a main factor that affects TPS is networks. Due to a large amount of nodes in a blockchain network are scattered around the world, the web state of each node is uncontrollable and it is hard to set a requirement to their bandwidth or to make sure everyone have access to stable network. This kind of situation is absolutely a disaster to TPS.

Compared with underlying systems of “classic blockchain” such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, DBXChain is able to support more nodes– more than ten thousand nodes, and allows users to sign up and quit at anytime. The algorithm uses a voting system among potential block producers and cryptography techniques to improve algorithm’s efficiency. Similar to PBFT Prepare/ Commit, the use of aggregated signatures reduces the size of voting signature from nodes and therefore reduces the use of bandwidth. It also requires to exchange data twice for a block among all confirmed nodes. In additional to provide a good security, it efficiently improves consensus performance of BFT.

Building a win-win ecosystem base on big data

DBXChain has massive data, also many users and clients as resources for support, which make this program special. Many projects invested by Top Venture Capitals had ecological cooperation with DBX. Thus, DBX Chain is able to merge a large amount of support and resources from these projects, which is absolutely a good starting point.

As it shows, the consensus mechanism by DDPoS has a promising future. These well-known resources in China chose DBXChain because they all needed internet that not only had high capacities, but was also highly secure and was able to prevent manipulations and bribery. All these requirements were met by DBXChain. In fact, DBXChain will support many developed businesses, which already has a large volume of data on classical internet. These data will test the capacity of DBXChain internet and its security. It is also why the new consensus mechanism of DDPoS and its public chain can outperform Ethereum and EOS in terms of democratization and security.

DataGame benefits its participants

DataGame is a DApp for crowd-sourcing data collection , where DBX demonstrates capacities and feasibility of its public chain. Every data collector can launch a data collecting game using a certain amount of DBX coins in areas such as AI, purchases and IOTs. Owners of data can get rewards by participating in games. They can also search data needed with high accuracy and pay for a specific amount based upon data size.

DataGame has largely lowered prerequisites to participate for data owners, making more valuable and long-tail data available for sharing. Additionally, DataGame has also reduced costs to obtain data so that more users are able to achieve goals and get a brand new experience in data exchange in the blockchain world. As we can see, for DBX to build a new data infrastructure, the first step is to use DataGame.

Obviously, the third generation of big data ecosystem will be more common, but this area will eventually become the most competitive among blockchain tycoons. In the face of big rival, we are looking forward to seeing if Ethereum will still be a leader in the public chain competition.

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Public bank that would boost pot shops, affordable housing could go before L.A. voters this fall

June 26, 2018 |

The Los Angeles City Council is preparing to ask voters if they want to create a publicly owned bank, something no city or state in the United States has done in nearly a century.

Council members voted Tuesday to start the process of putting a measure on the Nov. 6 ballot that would allow for the…

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Wife of Israel prime minister charged with fraud over misuse of public funds

June 21, 2018 |

Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has been charged with fraud over misuse of public funds on Thursday.
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Pompeo Says U.S. Relationship With G-7 Still Strong Despite Public Fight

June 13, 2018 |

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo played down the rift between the U.S. and its allies after President Donald Trump split from the other six leaders at Group of Seven summit in Canada amid tensions over U.S. trade demands. What’s News Asia