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| April 19, 2019

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Hoda Reveals New Addition to Today Show Viewers

April 16, 2019 |

Hoda Kotb had a personal announcement for viewers on Tuesday: She’s adopted a newborn girl. “I can’t imagine any of this is happening,” the Today anchor said, per USA Today . Haley Joy, whom Kotb adopted in 2017, becomes big sister to Hope Catherine. Kotb, 54, described meeting her new daughter…

BSV Falls 13% After Binance Reveals Plans to Delist the Coin

April 15, 2019 |

BSV Price Drops 13% After Binance Announces Plans to Delist the Coin

On April 15, Binance announced that the trading platform will be delisting bitcoin SV (BSV). The removal follows the tendentious actions of Craig Wright over the last few weeks in which the BSV creator has sent libel lawsuit warnings to well-known digital currency proponents. Since the announced delisting, the price of BSV has fallen by more than 13%.

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Binance Plans to Delist BSV on April 22

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has decided to delist the BSV cryptocurrency. The news follows recent legal threats stemming from Craig Wright’s team of litigators who are demanding an apology from various prominent digital currency enthusiasts. The first person to receive a letter was an online persona known as Hodlonaut, the creator of the Lightning Torch. According to the letter, Hodlonaut called Wright a fraud and the team is expecting an apology or plans to sue for libel.

BSV Falls 13% After Binance Reveals Plans to Delist the Coin

The letter claims Wright is Satoshi and that people who are calling him a fraud are participating in slander. Moreover, a Coingeek article details there is a $ 5,000 bounty for anyone who identifies Hodlonaut. Following this letter, and admission of these legal actions by BSV supporter Calvin Ayre and his publication Coingeek, lots of crypto proponents defended Hodlonaut. Then, on April 11, Binance founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) tweeted that “Craig Wright is not Satoshi” and promised if there were any more lawsuit threats the exchange would delist BSV.

BSV Falls 13% After Binance Reveals Plans to Delist the Coin

BSV Price Drops 13% Following the Announcement

Following the Hodlonaut incident, podcaster Peter McCormack was also sent a letter from Wright’s legal team. McCormack published his letter, which read similarly to Hodlonaut’s, including the same demand for an apology. The podcaster replied to Wright’s lawyers with a formal response and stated he hopes to resolve the issue “quickly and efficiently.”

BSV Falls 13% After Binance Reveals Plans to Delist the Coin

However, McCormack refused to apologize and stated that he does not believe Wright is Satoshi. In addition to McCormack, it is rumored that a letter was sent to Ethereum’s inventor Vitalik Buterin as well. Then, on April 15, Binance published a blog post stating that it would be delisting BSV for various reasons. Following the announcement, BSV dropped by 13.4% in value to a low of $ 61.37 while most other digital assets have been seeing decent gains. Binance has decided to delist the coin based on the “level and quality of development activity” and “evidence [of] unethical/fraudulent conduct” among other reasons. Binance further stated:

Based on our most recent reviews, we have decided to delist and cease trading on all trading pairs for the following coin on 2019/04/22 at 10:00 AM UTC: Bitcoin SV.

BSV Falls 13% After Binance Reveals Plans to Delist the Coin

For years now Wright has claimed he is the person behind the Satoshi Nakamoto moniker, an assertion he has emphasized more brazenly in multiple blog posts over the last few weeks. However, Wright’s claims and all of the proofs he has provided have been widely debunked on various occasions. After the BSV delisting announcement, CZ published a long thread of tweets describing why he thinks Wright is “a fraud.”

BSV Falls 13% After Binance Reveals Plans to Delist the Coin

“The real Satoshi can digitally sign any message to prove it — This is as simple as breathing for him/her,” CZ noted. Meanwhile, the San Francisco exchange Kraken has asked the crypto community if they should delist BSV and Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees revealed that Shapeshift will follow Binance and delist BSV within 48 hours.

What do you think about Binance delisting BSV on April 22? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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Ledger Reveals Physical Exploits Against Trezor Hardware Wallets

March 12, 2019 |

Ledger Reveals Physical Exploits against Trezor Wallets

The battle of the hardware wallets is heating up. At this weekend’s MIT Bitcoin Expo in Boston, Charles Guillmet, Chief Security Officer of Ledger, presented a number of physical attacks that could be executed against Trezor hardware wallets. He also outlined an attack on their rival’s device that Ledger has refrained from making public because it is not patchable.

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Ledger CSO Runs a Train on Trezor

Like any self-respecting hardware wallet (HW) manufacturer, Ledger rigorously pen tests its own devices in search of potential vulnerabilities. The French firm’s Paris hacking lab, known as the “Ledger Donjon,” doesn’t just dissect its own wares: it also thoroughly attacks those of its fiercest rival, Trezor. While identifying and disclosing a competitor’s vulnerabilities might seem counterintuitive, it yields a brace of benefits, highlighting potential weaknesses in the opposition and emphasizing Ledger’s offensive prowess.

Ledger Reveals Physical Exploits Against Trezor Hardware Wallets

Within hours of Ledger CSO Charles Guillmet presenting at MIT Bitcoin Expo 2019, where he described the Trezor One, Trezor T, Keepkey, and B Wallet as “completely broken,” insisting there was “no way to fix” their security flaws, his employer published “Our Shared Security: Responsibly Disclosing Competitor Vulnerabilities.” The article explains how “about four months ago we contacted Trezor to share five vulnerabilities our Attack Lab uncovered. As always, we gave Trezor a responsible disclosure period to work on these vulnerabilities, even granting them two extensions.”

With the disclosure period having now expired, Ledger proceeds to gleefully reveal what it found upon pen testing its rival’s devices.

4 Vulnerabilities Fully Disclosed

In total, Ledger claims to have found four major vulnerabilities in Trezor’s flagship wallets. The first of these concerns the “genuineness” of the device. Trezor HWs have previously been shown to be susceptible to cloning, prompting the company to improve its tamper-proof stickers and to provide guidelines on how to detect ersatz devices. Trezor’s response to this “vulnerability” was to point out that users will not be exposed to this risk provided they purchase devices directly from the Trezor website.

Ledger Reveals Physical Exploits Against Trezor Hardware Wallets
Fake Trezor on the left, authentic Trezor on the right

The second attack identified involved a weakness in the PIN number used to secure Trezor HWs. Ledger explained: “On a found or stolen device, it is possible to guess the value of the PIN using a Side Channel Attack.” This entails entering a random PIN and then measuring the power consumption of the device when it compares this code with the actual value of the PIN. “This measurement allows an attacker to retrieve the correct value of the PIN within only a few tries (less than 5 in our case),” reported Ledger. “We found that the PIN does not protect the funds against an attacker with physical access to the device.”

The final two vulns involve the confidentiality of the data stored within the devices, primarily the private key and the seed. This exploit, involving the flash memory, was deemed the most serious since “it can only be circumvented by overhauling the design of the Trezor One / Trezor T, and replacing one of its core components to incorporate a Secure Element chip, as opposed to the general purpose chip currently used.” Ledger continued:

This vulnerability can not be patched – for this reason, we have elected not to disclose its technical details. It could also be mitigated by users adding a strong passphrase to their device.

A fifth, less serious, vulnerability was also disclosed. Trezor released firmware security updates last week, which it acknowledged to have been discovered by Charles Guillemet and the Ledger Donjon team. It stressed that exploiting the vulnerabilities required physical access to the device, adding that there is no evidence to suggest “any of these vulnerabilities have ever been exploited outside of the lab to extract any data.” Last week, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that he had purchased a Trezor hardware wallet.

What are your thoughts on Ledger pen testing its rival’s devices? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image credits: Ledger, Pixabay, and Trezor.

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China reveals case against two Canadians detained in wake of Huawei arrest

March 4, 2019 |

The case against the two Canadians detained in the wake of the controversial arrest of a Huawei executive was revealed by China’s Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission on Monday. – RSS Channel – World