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| April 22, 2019

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Check If Your Market Predictions Are Right With Sparkprofit

April 5, 2019 |

Check If Your Market Predictions Are Right With Sparkprofit

Following the recent price spike, there’s a lack of clarity as to where crypto markets will be heading from here. The importance of accurate predictions has never been more valuable to the cryptoconomy. A platform called Sparkprofit combines forecasts made by traders to produce a crowdsourced estimate of the future market movements.

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Learn How to Trade by Guessing Market Movements

Sparkprofit allows active traders and ordinary enthusiasts to make predictions about the markets of major commodities like gold, oil and natural gas, indices such as Dow Jones, Dax and Nikkei, forex pairs of major fiat currencies and the future prices of several leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Participants can check how good they are at estimating the next price move and learn how to trade digital assets in the process. Using real historical market data for reference, they can set a price range up and down from the current levels. If the market reaches the target, they are rewarded with points. When it touches the loss price, they lose points.

Check If Your Market Predictions Are Right With Sparkprofit

Traders can make as many predictions as they like and the points they earn for their successful guesses are accumulated. Players with high scores are rewarded for their results each week. They can cash out using several fiat payment methods including bitcoin core. According to the platform’s website, residents of 200 countries take part in the prediction game.

Sparkprofit is an online platform and traders can access it directly in their browsers. It’s also available as a mobile application in both the iOS and Google Play stores. The game requires registration which is free of charge and the website offers a tutorial to help newbies understand the basics before they make their first prediction.

Do you think platforms like Sparkprofit can produce accurate market predictions? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Sparkprofit.

At there’s a bunch of free helpful services. For instance, have you seen our Tools page? You can even lookup the exchange rate for a transaction in the past. Or calculate the value of your current holdings. Or create a paper wallet. And much more.

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Democrats need to investigate AND legislate — It takes two to make the thing go right

March 26, 2019 |

Were we actually listening when the voters spoke in November? I hope so.
FOX News

How Highly Personal Data Is Going Right to Facebook

February 23, 2019 |

Turns out Facebook is hoovering more data from your smartphone that you may have realized. The Wall Street Journal says 11 popular apps—mostly related to health and fitness—are sending people’s highly personal information to Facebook even if the user isn’t on Facebook and the app doesn’t require a…

Trump: Schiff Has No Right

February 7, 2019 |

“Under what basis would he do that?” So asked President Trump after learning Wednesday that Rep. Adam Schiff, as head of the House Intelligence Committee, is leading a probe into the president’s finances. “He has no basis to do that,” added Trump, per Reuters . “He’s just a political hack.” Schiff…

Elderly Indiana woman says she told carjacker to ‘stop this car right now’

February 7, 2019 |

An elderly Indiana woman was not having it when an 18-year-old carjacker tried to make off with her vehicle while she was still inside.
FOX News

Doctor Wins Right to Keep Name Out of Google Search

January 22, 2019 |

A surgeon has secured what her lawyer calls a “groundbreaking” victory in a case in the Netherlands. The Guardian reports that an Amsterdam district court has ruled that the doctor, who’s still practicing under a conditional suspension after some postoperative issues with a patient, can force Google to remove search…

8 Crypto Debit Cards You Can Use Around the World Right Now

January 20, 2019 |

Crypto Cards You Can Use to Spend Your Digital Coins

Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming a viable payment option across a range of markets and jurisdictions. If there is a tool that significantly expands the usability of digital coins in a world still dominated by traditional payment systems, it’s the crypto debit card. A growing number of reliable platforms offer the fintech product to bitcoin enthusiasts.

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Established Crypto Card Providers in the U.S.

Bitpay, which processed over $ 1 billion in payments during a bearish 2018, offers users in all U.S. states a convenient way to spend their cryptocurrencies online and in store. Its prepaid Visa card is tied to a cryptocurrency wallet that supports instant conversion from bitcoin core (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) to U.S. dollars and local fiat currencies outside the country.

8 Crypto Debit Cards You Can Use Around the World Right Now

Bitpay’s crypto card is available to U.S. residents only. To apply, it is necessary to provide a home address, a valid government-issued ID and social security number. There’s a fee of $ 9.95 that covers the cost of issuing and a dormancy fee of $ 5 a month following a 90-day period of inactivity. A currency conversion fee of 3 percent is applied each time the card is used outside the U.S. Withdrawing cash at an ATM costs $ 2 in the United States and $ 3 abroad.

Shift, another card available in the U.S., allows users to connect to their Coinbase accounts. The Visa card has no maintenance fee but a 3 percent commission is charged on international transactions. ATM withdrawals cost $ 2.50 in the United States and $ 3.50 in other jurisdictions. The card itself is $ 20. Shift supports BTC only and offers fee-free conversion from bitcoin core to U.S. dollars.

Major Crypto Debit Cards Available in Europe

Wirex is the first choice for many Europeans. The U.K.-based startup offers both virtual and physical Visa debit cards, and the plastic version comes with chip and PIN. They are currently available to residents of the European Economic Area (EEA), where Iban support was introduced for all EUR accounts. However, the company plans to offer its services in North American and Asian markets as well.

Users can load the card with bitcoin core (BTC), ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), litecoin (LTC), and waves, the latter having been added recently. Card holders can spend three leading fiat currencies – euros, U.S. dollars and British pounds. Wirex users pay a $ 1.50 card management fee each month. ATM withdrawals within Europe cost $ 2.50, and $ 3.50 elsewhere. In-store purchases are rewarded with 0.5 percent crypto cashback in BTC.

8 Crypto Debit Cards You Can Use Around the World Right Now

Revolut, another British company, offers up to 1 percent cashback in cryptocurrency for payments made with its Revolut Metal card. For less than $ 16 a month, the digital bank’s premium service provides clients with access to five major coins – BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, and LTC – and the ability to pay in over 150 fiat currencies. The contactless card, which can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, comes with fee-free ATM withdrawals up to €600 per month (~$ 680).

Cryptopay issues another card in both virtual and physical form. The latter has a chip and costs $ 15. The contactless card is currently issued only in Russia, where it has a 1 percent loading fee and a monthly service fee of 65 Russian rubles, less than a dollar. Cryptopay is planning to bring its cards to Singapore. The payment provider supports BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP. A fee of $ 2.50 is applied to withdrawals from teller machines and each exchange transaction is charged a 3 percent commission.

Some Newcomers in the Market

A number of payment providers and fintech startups have launched new cryptocurrency debits cards in the past few months. These platforms are trying to attract the attention of crypto users around the world and prove themselves as alternatives to the well-established products on the market.

Fuzex is cryptocurrency payment card project that last summer chose bitcoin cash (BCH) as its base cryptocurrency. It also supports ETH and the platform’s own token, FXT. Fuzex cards are currently issued to residents of Europe and the APAC region. The physical card is NFC payment enabled. It comes with an EMV chip and a barcode display., a Hong Kong-headquartered company formerly known as Monaco, announced in October it’s starting to ship its MCO Visa cards to customers in Singapore. The prepaid cards are linked to a mobile wallet that allows holders to buy, sell, store, send, and track digital coins such as BTC, ETH, Binance’s BNB token, the platform’s own MCO tokens as well as major fiat currencies.

Aximetria offers a debit card linked to a cryptocurrency wallet which became available to Russian citizens since last year. In November, the Switzerland-based startup told its platform supports BTC and ETH which can be used for online and offline payments via instant conversion to fiat. The company is partnering with the cryptocurrency exchange The card can be ordered from its iOS app.

Are you using a crypto debit card? Tell us what you like about it in the comments section below.

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Steve Hilton: Mattis, Kelly marched to the establishment beat. Trump was right to fire them

January 7, 2019 |

Gens. Mattis and Kelly may have been heroes in combat – I don’t know, I’m not a military man and can’t judge. But I do know something about civilian government, and the way they behaved was not just disgraceful, but frightening.
FOX News

Money management firm fires staffer caught on TV making hand sign linked to far right

January 4, 2019 |

Federated Investors Inc. fired at least two employees for unprofessional conduct last month during a television interview of one of the firm’s money managers.

As the money manager spoke on Bloomberg TV, a man behind her right shoulder made an “OK” hand gesture that anti-hate groups say has been…

L.A. Times – Business

Europe’s Right Wing Woos a New Audience: Jewish Voters

January 4, 2019 |

Across Europe, anti-immigration parties with ties to far-right movements have stepped up efforts to recruit supporters in the continent’s small Jewish community, often drawing on perceptions in that community about anti-Semitism among Muslims. What’s News Europe