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| June 20, 2018

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China’s Growth Continues to Slow

October 18, 2012 |

China reported that its economy continued to slow in the third quarter just weeks before it embarks on a once-a-decade change in leadership, compounding concerns about the outlook for one of the world’s major engines of growth. What’s News Asia

Gasoline prices’ slow descent fits a familiar pattern

October 17, 2012 |

An industry adage says prices go up like a rocket but drift down like a feather. After rising 50 cents a gallon in a week, the state average is down just a tad.

Gasoline prices in California are dribbling lower, with the average price slipping as much as a penny a day from record highs reached last week, fuel surveys show.

L.A. Times – Business

Presidential Debate: Romney Started Slow, Then Thoroughly Beat Obama

October 4, 2012 |

After Romney’s early stumbles in which he scarily couldn’t defend tax cuts, he revived himself and thoroughly beat President Obama who, by the end of the debate, had the countenance of a tired, irritated and soundly beaten debate loser.
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Latin America economies ‘to slow’

October 3, 2012 |

Latin America will grow at a slower pace than last year, primarily due to weaker growth in Argentina and Brazil, a United Nations report predicts.
BBC News – Business

Facebook’s Display Ads Slow, Was It the Amino Diet?

September 25, 2012 |

While breaking new ground in social advertising, Facebook’s (FB) bread and butter has been display ads. Those are the banner ads, video ads and the like that companies can buy to reach lots of eyeballs. Those ads brought in most of Facebook’s $ 3.7 billion in sales last year and made […]
Forbes Real Time

King says euro zone threatens slow UK recovery

September 20, 2012 |

Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King speaks at a business conference in LondonLONDON (Reuters) – Bank of England Governor Mervyn King gave his trademark downbeat assessment of the British and world economy on Thursday in his first live television interview after nearly 10 years in office, and warned the euro zone could yet fall apart. Four years after the start of the financial crisis, King said it would be a long while before the economy returned to normal – and the most important task for Britain was now to reform bank regulation to reduce the chances of a future crisis. "We're beginning to see a few signs now of a slow recovery, but it will be a slow recovery. …

Economy News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Asia stocks down on slow euro bank union progress

September 18, 2012 |

Asian stock markets mostly fell Tuesday as signs that Europe will take longer than expected to set up a new authority to supervise European banks kept investors on the sidelines.
Economy News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Treasury ‘slow’ on Northern Rock

September 17, 2012 |

The Treasury’s most senior civil servant has told MPs the government should have been quicker to nationalise Northern Rock following its collapse.
BBC News – Business

Slow rebound may determine whether NC really swung

September 15, 2012 |

This Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012 photo shows Miles Wright, CEO of Xanofi, in his laboratory in Raleigh, N.C. Launched in September 2010, the company is preparing to market a liquid-based nanofiber production process. Wright, a registered independent, chuckles at a new GOP ad calling this period "the worst economic recovery America has ever had." "The fact is, it's still a recovery," he says. "Innovation hasn't stopped. People's efforts to commercialize technology, to open up a service business, while it gets harder because of lack of capital, I don't think people have stopped hoping and dreaming. And a lot of people have had success." Wright says a lot of the job growth is happening in small companies like his "that maybe go a little under the radar." But the point is, it's happening. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)In many ways, Keith Fountain's personal economic odyssey is North Carolina's.

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