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| July 16, 2018

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Trump hurries to cut red tape slowing the commercial space industry

May 27, 2018 |

A Falcon 9 rocket lifted off perfectly from pad 4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base on March 30, carrying aloft satellites for Iridium Communications Inc. Video from the vehicle flipped on 2 minutes and 35 seconds later, just in time for webcast viewers to witness the first stage falling to Earth and…

L.A. Times – Business

Europe’s Slowing Economy Poses Challenge for ECB

April 6, 2018 |

Growth in the eurozone economy is slowing down, complicating the European Central Bank’s deliberations on how quickly to remove its stimulus measures and start raising interest rates. What’s News Europe

Apple Apologizes for Secretly Slowing Down Old iPhones

December 29, 2017 |

Apple says it is sorry about secretly slowing down older models of iPhone —and to make sure there are no hard feelings, it will offer battery replacements at a reduced price. In a letter on its website, the company says it would never “do anything to intentionally shorten the life…

Job growth expected to keep slowing in California

December 7, 2017 |

California’s economic engine has slowed somewhat in 2017 and that’s expected to continue in coming years as employers have trouble finding workers in the expensive state, according to a new report.

The latest UCLA Anderson Forecast, released Wednesday, calls for job growth of 1.8% by year’s end,…

L.A. Times – Business

Tougher security measures may be slowing international travel to the U.S., study says

December 5, 2017 |

International travel to the U.S., once a surging source of revenues for hotels, airlines and tourist destinations, is cooling off, raising concerns from leaders in the travel industry that strict security measures are scaring off visitors.

A report released Monday by the International Air Transportation…

L.A. Times – Business


Bitcoin just hit $10,000, shows no sign of slowing

November 29, 2017 |

The great bitcoin boom of 2017 is going from strength to strength. – RSS Channel – World