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| September 25, 2017

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Social Security Numbers of 143M Exposed in Equifax Hack

September 8, 2017 |

The Social Security numbers and birth dates of up to 143 million US consumers were stolen from Equifax in what appears to be one of the largest data breaches in history, Bloomberg reports. According to the Los Angeles Times , Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting firms in the…

‘Netflix Is a Joke’ Billboards Confound Social Media

September 6, 2017 |

Stark-white billboards with a single message—”Netflix is a joke”—written on them have been causing confusion among passers-by and on social media since popping up in Los Angeles and New York this week, the Hollywood Reporter reports. Mashable quotes some of the reactions on Twitter: “Who’s behind this billboard???”…

Harvard’s Proposed Social Group Ban Isn’t Entirely Popular

August 23, 2017 |

Some Harvard University professors are fighting a proposal that would ban all fraternities and single-gender clubs on campus, the AP reports. More than 20 faculty members have signed their support for a new rule that would forbid Harvard from punishing students for joining “any lawful organization.” The professors say they…

Amazon Rolls Out New Social Network

July 20, 2017 |

Take Amazon Prime, mix it with Pinterest, and add a dash of Instagram. The result is Amazon Spark, a new shopping-focused “social network” aimed at getting hardcore Amazon users to spend even more money with the e-commerce giant. The service launched publicly on Tuesday on Amazon’s iPhone app, although it’s…

Country Bans Winnie the Pooh on Social Media

July 18, 2017 |

Users of the Chinese social app Weibo are seeing a cryptic message after typing the seemingly harmless name of children’s book character Winnie the Pooh: “Content is illegal.” According to USA Today , the beloved bear has been blacklisted from posts on Sina Weibo (China’s wildly popular version of Twitter) while…

Social Security Recipients May Get Biggest Raise in Years

July 14, 2017 |

Millions of Americans who rely on Social Security can expect to see their biggest pay increase in years in January, per projections released Thursday by the program’s trustees, the AP reports. The increase is projected to be just 2.2%, or about $ 28 a month for the average recipient. For…


Rob Kardashian’s Lawyer Will Promise Restraining Order Judge He Won’t Bully Blac Chyna on Social Media

July 10, 2017 |

Rob Kardashian’s lawyer will appear in court Monday morning and tell the judge … his client will voluntarily refrain from attacking/bullying Blac Chyna on social media. Sources connected with Rob tell us, he’ll be represented by Robert Shapiro of…

Sex Offenders Can Use Social Media: Supreme Court

June 20, 2017 |

The Supreme Court struck down a North Carolina law Monday that bars convicted sex offenders from Facebook, Twitter, and other popular sites, the AP reports. The justices ruled unanimously in favor of North Carolina resident Lester Packingham Jr. His Facebook boast about beating a traffic ticket led to his conviction…