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| October 21, 2018

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8 Bird Species Fall Victim to ‘Growing Wave of Extinctions’

September 6, 2018 |

Eight bird species, including the Brazilian blue parrot featured in 2011 animated flick Rio , make up the first confirmed avian extinctions this decade. The Spix’s macaw (the species of the Rio characters Blu and Jewel ) hasn’t been seen in the wild since 2000, as a 2016 sighting was later…

Baby porcupine is 1st of its species born at Brookfield Zoo

July 11, 2018 |

A baby porcupine is the first of its species to be born at Brookfield Zoo.
FOX News

Student Discovers Sneaky New Octopus Species

December 29, 2017 |

The world has a new octopus: Meet the “frilled giant Pacific octopus,” newly detected by a student at Alaska Pacific University working on his senior thesis, reports Earther . The creature resembles the familiar giant Pacific octopus, but Nathan Hollenback not only laid out some distinctive visual differences but took DNA…

A Stranger Arrives. Just 2 Generations Later: A New Species

November 25, 2017 |

After four decades of work, researchers published the origin of Big Bird (not that one ) in Science this week—and it’s scientifically unprecedented. The BBC reports that for the first time ever, researchers were able to watch the rise of a new species play out in nature. “It’s an…

Rare Species Last Seen in 1936 Spotted in Amazon

August 29, 2017 |

A primate last seen alive 80 years ago has been spotted during a wildly successful expedition in one of the most remote parts of the Amazon, National Geographic reports. The Vanzolini bald-faced saki, a distinctive “flying monkey” that sports shaggy hair with golden highlights around its arms and legs, was…


New parrot species in Mexico, study says

June 30, 2017 |

Birds of a feather flock together, but it can be hard to tell them apart — unless, of course, you’re an expert ornithologist. – RSS Channel – Regions – Americas

Huge-Jawed Worm Species Terrorized Fish 400M Years Ago

February 22, 2017 |

Scientists have discovered a giant worm—no, not this guy —that terrorized fish, octopuses, and squids with its comparatively massive jaws 400 million years ago. UPI reports the fossil was dug up at Canada’s Kwataboahegan Formation back in the mid-1990s and had been in storage at the Royal Ontario Museum…

White House May Have Doomed Bumblebee Species

February 13, 2017 |

President Trump doesn’t have anything in particular against bumblebees, as far as anybody knows, but his administration may still have doomed a struggling species. The rusty patched bumblebee was supposed to be officially added to the endangered species list Friday, after a 30-day waiting period following one of Barack Obama’s…

GOP Targets Endangered Species Act for Big Changes

January 18, 2017 |

Republicans are readying plans to roll back the influence of the Endangered Species Act after decades of complaints that it hinders drilling, logging, and other activities, the AP reports. Over the past eight years, GOP lawmakers sponsored dozens of measures aimed at curtailing the landmark law or putting species such…

New Species of Moth Named for Donald Trump

January 17, 2017 |

The main reason people run for president—we assume—is to get weird new species named after themselves. President Obama has an extinct lizard , a lichen , and more named after him, and now Donald Trump is getting in on the action. Live Science reports a tiny—only 9 millimeters across—…