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| January 24, 2018

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Kobe Steel Finds More Products Shipped With Quality Issues

October 20, 2017 |

The quality scandal at Kobe Steel deepened after the company said one of its copper plants was under investigation for breaching Japan’s industrial standards. US Business

Bourbon Industry May Pay for Trump’s Proposed Steel Tariff

July 9, 2017 |

The EU is eyeing a potential target to use in retaliation against President Trump’s proposed steel import tariff : the US bourbon industry. Per the Guardian , commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU would “react with counter-measures” within days against US agricultural exports should Trump impose import tariffs on Chinese and…

In China, U.S. Steel Move Is Seen as Self-Destructive

April 22, 2017 |

As the White House threatened new U.S. barriers to steel imports, officials and experts from the world’s biggest steel-exporting nation, China,​said the real loser might be​America itself. What’s News Asia

Bannon ‘Comeback’ Involves Steel, Canada, Dairy ‘Disgrace’

April 21, 2017 |

President Trump has been pushing hard to bring his “Buy American, Hire American” mantra to fruition, including with an executive order meant to prevent “foreign cheaters” from taking US jobs and infringing on our steel production, a senior administration official said Monday, per Politico . The New York Times reports that…

U.S. Bid to Stem Steel Imports Faces Hurdles

April 20, 2017 |

President Trump’s bid to stanch imports flowing into the U.S. steel market is fighting strong currents: Domestic prices that are among the world’s highest and a buoyant dollar that pushes down the cost of imports. US Business

Trump administration launches national security investigation into steel imports

April 20, 2017 |

The Trump administration directed the Commerce Department on Thursday to expedite an investigation into whether the way other countries sell steel compromises U.S. national security.

In a briefing Thursday morning, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the review would consider how much steel the…

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Golden Gloves Ring Brawl … Woman Hits Man with Steel Chair! (VIDEO)

March 30, 2017 |

Pandemonium occurred at a Golden Gloves boxing event in L.A. on Wednesday — when fans stormed the ring at a youth tournament and fought it out … with one guy catching a haymaker right in the face. Oh, and a woman hit a man with a steel…