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| August 17, 2018

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Email reveals former Salk president’s efforts to discourage gender discrimination suit

August 13, 2018 |

The former president of the Salk Institute discouraged one of her professors from suing for gender discrimination, saying in a private email that legal action could damage the La Jolla science center’s reputation — and suggested it might harm the researcher’s career.

Elizabeth Blackburn, a Nobel…

L.A. Times – Business

Seth Rich’s Parents’ Suit Against Fox News Dismissed

August 3, 2018 |

A New York judge has rejected a lawsuit brought against Fox News by the parents of a Democratic National Committee employee killed in 2016. The judge said Thursday he understood Seth Rich’s parents might feel his death was exploited for political purposes. But he said the lawsuit lacked specific instances…

Suit: Cop Shot Unarmed Teen ‘Without Warning’

August 2, 2018 |

A lawsuit alleging “excessive and deadly force” has followed a homicide charge in the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager in East Pittsburgh. “It is time that we begin to seek answers,” a lawyer tells ABC News of the federal suit filed Tuesday on behalf of the parents…

J&J Hit With $4.7 Billion Jury Verdict in Baby Powder Suit

July 13, 2018 |

A jury in St. Louis found that Johnson & Johnson should pay $ 4.69 billion in damages to 22 women and their families who blamed ovarian-cancer cases on asbestos in the company’s baby powder. US Business

Suit: Sheeran’s Grammy-Winning Song Isn’t His

June 28, 2018 |

Ed Sheeran has another copyright infringement lawsuit to add to the pile. In the latest case, the singer is accused of ripping off Marvin Gaye’s ” Let’s Get It On ,” which Gaye wrote with Edward Townsend in 1973 , per TMZ. Structured Asset Sales, which claims to have purchased one-third of the…

Suit: Harvard Has Skewed View of Asian-American Applicants

June 15, 2018 |

Harvard evaluates prospective students based on a number of criteria, including academic achievement, outside activities, and personality characteristics, such as likeability and kindness. But according to an affirmative action lawsuit filed by a group representing Asian-American students, the school consistently scored Asian-American applicants lower than other groups on personal qualities,…

Mother Booted From Plane for ‘Pungent’ Odor, Suit Says

May 13, 2018 |

A Nigerian mother claims she and her family were booted from a United Airlines flight because of what they called her “pungent” odor. Per the Houston Chronicle , the mother has filed a civil suit alleging discrimination on the part of the airline. The suit claims the woman, Queen Obioma, and…

Broadway’s Mockingbird Will Go On After Suit Settled

May 11, 2018 |

The Broadway production of To Kill a Mockingbird will open in December following the settlement of a lawsuit, the AP reports. The settlement was announced Thursday in a joint statement issued by producer Scott Rudin’s production company and the estate of the late author, Harper Lee. The deal came three…

Original Iron Man Suit Stolen From Storage

May 10, 2018 |

In a development that would be a lot more alarming in the Marvel universe, Iron Man’s suit is missing, presumed stolen. Police in Los Angeles say the iconic suit, one of two used in the first Iron Man movie, was taken from a prop storage facility some time between February…

Suit: While in Custody, Deputies Ripped Off My Hijab

May 8, 2018 |

What started out as a husband-wife incident has led to a federal lawsuit against the sheriff’s office in California’s Ventura County after the wife says deputies forcibly removed her head scarf while in custody. The Los Angeles Times reports on the case of nurse Jennifer Hyatt, 44, who was detained…