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| November 13, 2018

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Mafia Hit Man Suspected in Whitey Bulger’s Prison Slaying

October 31, 2018 |

A Mafia hit man is suspected to be behind the killing of James “Whitey” Bulger, who was found beaten to death in his prison cell Tuesday. Fotios “Freddy” Geas and at least one other inmate at the West Virginia prison to which Bulger had been transferred just hours before are…

Suspected Synagogue Shooter: ‘I’m Going In’

October 27, 2018 |

In the wake of a horrific mass shooting Saturday at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh—which left 11 dead and at least six injured—we’re learning more about alleged mass shooter Robert Bowers. One apparent key: The 46-year-old’s social media account at Gab, a platform that prides itself in…


Suspected Bomber Cesar A. Sayoc Was An Exotic Dancer, Threatened Other Strippers

October 27, 2018 |

Cesar A. Sayoc, the suspected bomber in a domestic terrorism plot targeting high-level politicians, worked as an exotic dancer for years and even threatened to kill and infect other dancers with HIV … TMZ has learned. As you can see from the…

Suspected Mastermind Behind Kassh Coin Arrested

October 10, 2018 |

Suspected Mastermind Behind Kassh Coin Arrested

The New Delhi Police Branch has arrested Asif Ashraf Malkani – a thirty-five-year-old man accused of operating Kassh Coin – a multi-million dollar scam that duped Bollywood celebrities, among scores of Indian investors.

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Operator of Crypto Scam That Duped Bollywood Celebrities Apprehended

Suspected Mastermind Behind Kassh Coin ArrestedAsif Ashraf Malkani, the accused mastermind behind a multi-million-dollar scam that targeted scores of prospective Indian cryptocurrency investors, has been arrested by police in New Delhi.

According to local media, Mr. Malkani ‘launched’ the fictitious cryptocurrency ‘Kassh Coin’ during 2016, before promoting the coin during December 2017 at “a grand function held at a farmhouse in Chhatarpur” that saw “Bollywood celebrities and models” enlisted to “perform and market the coin” at the event. Investors paid 3.5 Indian Rupees ($ 0.047 USD) per Kassh Coin.

Mr. Malkani is said to have sought to go into hiding after many of the scammed investors contacted police, however, he was caught after relocating to Uttar Pradesh and attempting to launch another cryptocurrency called ‘V-flix’.

Investigations have revealed that Mr. Malkani was also seeking investment to launch a “commercially viable video streaming website” called V-Tube, and has been identified as moving a significant sum of money through a firm named “Puneet Enterprise.”

Malkani Organizes Multiple “Youth Seminars” to Promote Kassh Coin

Suspected Mastermind Behind Kassh Coin ArrestedPolice Commissioner, Ajit K Singla, stated that the arrest and investigations into the operations of Mr. Malkani and his companies were carried out by a team led by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bhisham Singh.

Commissioner Singh has stated that Mr. Malkani began operating a multi-level marketing scheme in 2015 after joining advertising Unetnet alongside his wife, before becoming interested in cryptocurrencies the following year.

The investigations also uncovered that Mr. Malkani and company organized a number of “youth seminars” across India and Nepal following the success of their farmhouse event in 2017. Since then, Mr. Malkani made his way through Goa, Chennai, Kolkata, Kanpur, and Pune whilst attempting to evade law enforcement.

Do you think that increased regulatory action is reducing the presence of scammers within the cryptocurrency industries? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Nordic Region’s Largest Bank Nordea Suspected of Money Laundering

October 5, 2018 |

Nordic Region’s Largest Bank Nordea Suspected of Money Laundering

Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordic region, is reportedly suspected of being part of a major international money laundering scandal. The scheme allegedly involved a Russian client and took place over multiple years at an international branch of the bank that is now closed.

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Nordea Suspected of Money Laundering

Nordic Region’s Largest Bank Nordea Suspected of Money LaunderingNordea Bank Abp (Nordea), a financial services group headquartered in Finland, is suspected of money laundering, Cph Post Online reported on Tuesday. The largest bank in the region is allegedly involved in money laundering that took place between 2010 and 2013 “in the bank’s now closed international branch for global clients in Vesterbro [in Copenhagen, Denmark],” the publication detailed, adding:

Nordea is suspected of being part of a major international money-laundering scandal involving a Russian client and a tax company.

Nordic Region’s Largest Bank Nordea Suspected of Money LaunderingThe news outlet elaborated that “For almost four years, the fraud squad has tried to pursue a criminal case against a Russian client and a company in Belize in Central America, suspected of having ‘washed’ approximately 322 million Norwegian kroner [~$ 39 million] using bank accounts in Nordea.”

Established in 1820, Nordea currently has around 300 banks with branches, subsidiaries, and representative offices in 17 countries. According to its website, the bank claims to have 1.7 million customers in Denmark, 2.8 million in Finland, 0.9 million in Norway, and 4.2 million in Sweden. “Nordea is the largest financial services group in the Nordic region and one of the biggest banks in Europe,” the bank describes itself.

Response to Alleged Money Laundering

Nordic Region’s Largest Bank Nordea Suspected of Money LaunderingFollowing reports of its alleged money laundering involvement, a Nordea spokeswoman told Reuters in an email on Thursday, “To the best of our knowledge, Nordea is not under investigation from authorities related to money laundering in the Baltics.”

Julie Galbo, Nordea’s chief risk officer, was quoted by Cph Post Online admitting that the bank’s “anti-money laundering procedures at Nordea had been insufficient in the past and ensured that major improvements have been made in recent years.”

Jakob Dedenroth Bernhoft from Revisorjura, whose work focuses on money laundering, commented:

Nordea has been a good bank to open an account at if you want to launder money.
The bank did not investigate unusual transactions.

Recently, Danske Bank has come under fire for allegedly laundering approximately $ 234 billion through its Estonian branch. Reuters reported the largest bank in Denmark saying Thursday that it has “received requests for information from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in connection with a criminal investigation relating to the bank’s Estonian branch.”

Do you think Nordea is involved in money laundering? Let us know in the comments section below.

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3 Weeks After Teen Vanished, Police Say Foul Play Suspected

August 27, 2018 |

For the first time since Kiera Bergman vanished three weeks ago, Phoenix police are saying they suspect foul play in her disappearance, the Arizona Republic reports. A visibly upset Bergman, 19, reportedly left work early on the morning of Aug. 4; police later said she was last seen that day…

Car Crashes Outside U.K. Parliament in Suspected Terror Attack

August 14, 2018 |

A car crashed into barriers outside the U.K. Houses of Parliament in a suspected terrorist attack, injuring pedestrians and cyclists, just yards away from the site of an attack last year. What’s News Europe

Russian Extradition Request Complicates Fate of Suspected Btc-e Owner

August 4, 2018 |

Russian Extradition Request Complicates Fate of Suspected Btc-e Owner

A court in Thessaloniki, Greece has accepted an extradition request from Russia for suspected Btc-e operator, Alexander Vinnik. Last month, a French request for Vinnik’s extradition was also accepted by Greece.

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Russian Extradition Request Accepted for Alexander Vinnik Accepted by Greek Court

Russian Extradition Request Complicates Fate of Suspected Btc-e OwnerA senior panel of judges has accepted a request from Russia to extradite Alexander Vinnik, a Russian native suspected of operating former leading cryptocurrency exchange Btc-e, where he faces charges of fraud.

At a hearing on Monday, Mr. Vinnik denied the allegations of fraudulent activity made by Russian authorities.

Alexander Vinnik’s Fate is Uncertain

Russian Extradition Request Complicates Fate of Suspected Btc-e OwnerThe request has created uncertainty as to Mr. Vinnik’s fate, as just last month a Thessaloniki court ruled to extradite Mr. Vinnik to France, where he is accused of laundering 130 million Euros worth of funds stolen via ransomware that “defraud[ed] over 100 people in six French cities between 2016 and 2018.” Mr. Vinnik challenged the charges, asserting that his actions in question comprised merely “legitimate[ly] […] transferring e-money through a platform.”

“I was working this way. My job is to trade with Bitcoin,” Mr. Vinnik said in July. Emphasizing that he had continued to conduct said transactions whilst situated in Greece, Mr. Vinnik added: “Since I have committed all these offenses, why is Greece not persecuting me?”

In May, it was reported that Mr. Vinnik had confessed to Russian accusations of money laundering and other crimes.

Vinnik’s Lawyer Suspects French Request Will Lead to U.S. Extradition

Russian Extradition Request Complicates Fate of Suspected Btc-e OwnerIlias Spyrliadis, Mr. Vinnik’s lawyer, has argued that the French extradition request would immediately lead to further extradition to the United States, stating “otherwise the U.S. cannot get him, since the extradition process was blocked.”

Mr. Vinnik was arrested on July 26th, 2017 by Greek police under the order of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) whilst holidaying with his family in Halkidiki.

At the time, the DOJ described Mr. Vinnik as “the owner and operator of multiple Btc-e accounts, including administrator accounts, and also a primary beneficial owner of Btc-e’s managing shell company, Canton Business Corporation.” The DOJ stated that Btc-e comprised “an international money-laundering scheme that, by virtue of its business model, catered to criminals — and to cyber criminals in particular,” adding that “Through Vinnik’s efforts, BTC-e emerged as one of the principal means by which cyber criminals around the world laundered the proceeds of their illicit activity.”

What fate do you think awaits Alexander Vinnik? Join the discussion in the comments section below!

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Denver Hospital Isolates Man With Suspected Ebola

July 30, 2018 |

There were echoes of the 2014 Ebola scare in Denver Sunday after a man who had been working with virus victims in the Congo suddenly became extremely ill. The man, who returned to the US a few days ago, was hospitalized and placed in isolation, as were three members of…

Man suspected of shooting officer found, killed by police

July 21, 2018 |

The Latest on the search for a suspect who allegedly shot and killed a Hawaii police officer (all times local): 4 p.m. Authorities say a man suspected of fatally shooting a Hawaii police officer has been killed during a shootout with police after a three-day search across the Big Island.
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