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| January 24, 2018

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A New German Home for Syrian Migrants

January 23, 2018 |

Sonnenallee, a three-mile long axis that cuts through a working-class district of Berlin has become known as “Arab Street,” the place where Syrian migrants can eat, shop, look for work and learn about their new home. What’s News Europe

Syrian Offensive Targets Remaining Rebel Strongholds

January 13, 2018 |

Syrian rebels are fighting to maintain territory amid a new government offensive to capture parts of the country’s last opposition strongholds. What’s News Europe


Air raids kill 17 civilians in Syrian rebel-held area, rescuers say

January 7, 2018 |

At least 17 civilians in the Syrian enclave of Eastern Ghouta have been killed in a day of airstrikes, a rescue group and war monitor has said, as the government intensifies its aerial raids against the country’s last remaining rebel-held areas. – RSS Channel – World

Airstrikes on suburbs of Syrian capital kill 17

January 6, 2018 |

Government airstrikes and shelling of suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus have killed 17 people as government forces press to retake areas they recently lost.
FOX News


This Syrian baby lost his eye to war. Now people are covering their eyes in solidarity

December 23, 2017 |

Karim Abdel Rahman — a Syrian infant who lost his left eye two months ago in an artillery attack — has become a symbol of the carnage and the humanitarian crisis in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta. – RSS Channel – World


Exclusive: US troops and Syrian forces battle ISIS near key base

December 14, 2017 |

US military advisers and their local Syrian partners killed 21 ISIS terrorists and captured 17 more during a battle near a key strategic base Tuesday, two US military officials told CNN. – RSS Channel – World

Germany Arrests 19-Year-Old Syrian Terror Suspect

November 1, 2017 |

German police detained a 19-year-old Syrian man suspected of planning a terror attack and seized bomb-making material at his home, underscoring the threat posed by potential Islamist terrorists in Germany. What’s News Europe

Turkish police detain suspect for Syrian activists’ murder

September 30, 2017 |

Turkey’s official news agency says police have detained a suspect in connection with the murder of a prominent Syrian activist and her U.S.-born daughter.
FOX News


Syrian conflict lurches into yet more chaos as rival forces step up battle to retake ISIS’ administrative capital

June 20, 2017 |

A new phase of the Syrian conflict has begun, one in which outside powers are stepping up their involvement as the pressure gathers on ISIS’ last redoubts. – RSS Channel – World