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| January 17, 2019

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California wants to test how big a financial hit PG&E can handle

January 10, 2019 |

California has already determined that Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s parent, PG&E Corp., is responsible for a string of deadly wildfires. Regulators are now getting ready to figure out how much that could cost the company.

The California Public Utilities Commission is set to open proceedings Thursday…

L.A. Times – Business

Fed Faces a Fresh Test: Soft Economic Landing

January 7, 2019 |

Federal Reserve officials, after navigating the U.S. economy through the financial crisis and its rebound, face a fresh test in 2019: managing an economic soft landing. US Business

In Iowa, Warren Faces Question on DNA Test

January 6, 2019 |

There are a whopping 666 days to go until the 2020 presidential election, but potential candidate Elizabeth Warren was in Iowa this weekend and faced a question on the subject of her claim to Cherokee ancestry: “Why did you undergo the DNA testing and give Donald Trump more fodder to…

Elon Musk aims to test SpaceX’s Starship hopper next month, tweets mock-up

January 5, 2019 |

Elon Musk is aiming to test SpaceX’s Starship hopper in the next four weeks, “which probably means 8 weeks, due to unforeseen issues,” the company’s chief executive said in a tweet Saturday.

Musk also tweeted a mock-up picture of the Starship test vehicle currently under assembly in Boca Chica,…

L.A. Times – Business

North Korea Nuke Test Triggers Earthquake More Than a Year Later

January 3, 2019 |

A small earthquake in North Korea on Wednesday was caused by a nuclear test that country conducted more than a year ago, CNN reports. The September 2017 test—the country’s sixth and most powerful—caused an initial magnitude 6.3 quake, per , followed by a magnitude 4 earthquake…

Artie Lange avoids jail time despite positive drug test

December 15, 2018 |

A judge has spared comedian Artie Lange jail time even though he tested positive for cocaine and amphetamine.
FOX News

Theresa May Survives Leadership Test, but Brexit Path Unclear

December 14, 2018 |

British Prime Minister Theresa May beat back a leadership challenge, quelling a rebellion within her party that leaves her politically wounded and the route to Brexit unclear. What’s News Europe

Universal Test Can Find Cancer in Minutes

December 8, 2018 |

Worried you have cancer? You can take a simple 10-minute test with a touted 90% success rate—when it comes out, that is. Devised by scientists in Australia, the test uses a color-changing liquid and a new cancer-detection approach that could help people pre-screen before undergoing more thorough testing, per…

Nissan-Renault Alliance Faces Biggest Test Yet—Without Its Architect

November 30, 2018 |

Executives from Renault and Nissan will convene Thursday for a meeting that will test the solidity of their two-decade alliance—and whether the smaller French company can keep the upper hand. What’s News Europe

German teen loses driving license just 49 minutes after passing driving test

November 21, 2018 |

German police said a teenager managed to lose his driving license in just 49 minutes after acquiring it.
FOX News