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| November 21, 2019

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Ellen, Sandra Bullock File Suit Together

November 7, 2019 |

Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock have teamed up to take on the so-called “celebrity endorsement theft industry.” Their lawsuit filed Wednesday seeks to expose 100 anonymous individuals and entities that fraudulently sell health and beauty products using the celebrities’ names, images, and likenesses without permission. The entities, which earn money…


Family and authorities piece together from ash what happened to mothers and children massacred in Mexico

November 7, 2019 |

All that was left for family members to sift through when they arrived at the scene of a massacre in Mexico on Monday were ash, bones and a car — ablaze and riddled with bullet holes. – RSS Channel – Regions – Americas

Ringo Starr Gets the Band Back Together

October 31, 2019 |

A decades-old shoutout from John Lennon helped pave the way toward Ringo Starr’s latest singleā€”a Beatles reunion of sorts. Paul McCartney plays bass on ” Grow Old With Me ,” which is one of the last songs written by Lennon. What’s more, producer Jack Douglas inserted a guitar riff from “Here…


JWoww and Boyfriend Back Together, Trying to Work Things Out

October 21, 2019 |

JWoww’s giving it another shot with her boyfriend following his mea culpa … but it doesn’t look like he’s out of the dog house yet. The ‘Jersey Shore’ star and her much younger BF, Zack Clayton Carpinello, spent Saturday together at Universal…


Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Spending Lots of Time Together Since Split

October 18, 2019 |

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott don’t seem fully committed to breaking up, because they’re spending an awful lot of time together, and it may not just be about Stormi. Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ … Kylie and Travis are getting very…


Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Not Back Together As A Couple

October 12, 2019 |

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid hit it off at the model’s birthday party, but only as close friends … TMZ has learned. Reports surfaced Friday claiming the once inseparable pair were dating again after celebrating Bella’s 23rd birthday together in NYC…

4 Baby Squirrels Found on Train Tracks, Tails Braided Together

September 23, 2019 |

It is possible for baby squirrels’ tails to get stuck together in the wild, typically due to sap leaking on them or their mother not cleaning them well enough. But in the case of four 6-week-old squirrels who were found on train tracks in Connecticut with their tails braided together…

Scientists Piece Together Hints of a Lost Continent

September 16, 2019 |

A lost continent isn’t quite as lost as it used to be. Scientists have painstakingly fit together clues spread across Europe to unravel the story of Greater Adria, reports Live Science . This continent was about the size of Greenland when it rammed into what’s now southern Europe about 120 million…


Ben Stiller Says the U.S. Needs to Come Together Like After 9/11

September 11, 2019 |

Ben Stiller wants America to get something out of this 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that it hasn’t had in several years … and that is the unity we all felt after that tragic day. We got the actor Wednesday in his native NYC, and he shared…

Rep. Dan Lipinski: Dems and GOP should work together to end immigration crisis and support Border Patrol

August 18, 2019 |

We need to approve bipartisan solutions to the humanitarian crisis at the border and stop demonizing all Customs and Border Patrol agents.
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