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| May 23, 2018

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Texas Town Sponsors Perfect Road Race for ‘Underachievers’

April 28, 2018 |

Time’s up for underachievers in the San Antonio, Texas area. So many have signed up for the city of Boerne’s exceedingly short “underachievers” race that it’s all filled up, reports the AP . With the first Boerne (BER’-nee) 0.5K scheduled for May 5, organizers say their city permit won’t allow…

In His Suicide Video, a Secret That Upends an Alaska Town

April 21, 2018 |

Karl Ward is long dead, but some say the once-revered school superintendent in a small Alaska fishing town was not the benevolent educator worthy of having the high school gym named in his honor. A cellphone video made by a man before he died by suicide last month has given…

Poop Train Finally Departs Alabama Town

April 19, 2018 |

The smelliest train in America has rolled out of Parrish, Ala., and the small town hopes it will never see its like again. In what Mayor Heather Hall described as “wonderful news,” the train’s load of 10 million pounds of sewage sludge from New York and New Jersey has been…

Town Wants UFO Memorial Moved; Witness Says No Way

April 14, 2018 |

A memorial in a remote corner of Massachusetts that marks a 1969 UFO sighting has been ordered moved, but one man who experienced a close encounter is objecting, the AP reports. The 5,000-pound memorial in Sheffield was installed in 2015, but was moved about 30 feet a few weeks…

German Steel Town Fears U.S. Tariffs Would Deal Crushing Blow

April 8, 2018 |

A German steel mill that has long supplied Europe with wire used in construction could become a casualty of new U.S. tariffs on steel imports. What’s News Europe

In a Syrian Rebel-Held Town, a Fresh Horror

April 8, 2018 |

Syrian opposition activists and rescuers said Sunday that a poison gas attack on a rebel-held town near the capital has killed at least 40 people, reports the AP . The alleged attack in Douma occurred late Saturday amid a resumed offensive by Syrian government forces after the collapse of a truce…

Having an Assault Weapon in This Town Could Cost You $1K a Day

April 5, 2018 |

Get rid of your assault weapons by June 13 or start racking up fines. That’s the new directive in the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, where the Board of Trustees voted unanimously Monday to amend a 2013 ordinance calling for the safe storage and transport of certain firearms and now outright…

Train Full of Poop From NJ, NY Stuck in Alabama Town

April 5, 2018 |

Springtime in one small Alabama town smells more like manure than magnolias this year—and it’s going to get a lot worse as the weather gets warmer. Dozens of freight cars carrying some 10 million pounds of human waste, enough to form a malodorous train more than a mile long,…

Pickle Mystery Grips Missouri Town

April 4, 2018 |

Over the past five years, witnesses have seen full jars, partially filled jars, and even a jar topped with a bow for Christmas. Now, the search for the culprit who’s been leaving pickle jars on an I-270 ramp in Des Peres, Mo., is heating up, per Fox 2 . “There has…