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| April 18, 2019

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Louisiana woman beat boyfriend with his prosthetic leg after he tried to break up: police

April 16, 2019 |

A New Orleans-area woman, who beat up her ex-boyfriend with his own prosthetic leg earlier this year because he tried to break up with her, was arrested last Wednesday, police said.
FOX News

Cops: After Airport Trip, Uber Driver Tried to Break Into Home

April 10, 2019 |

Police in northern California say an Uber driver has been arrested for trying to break into the home of a passenger he had dropped off at the San Francisco airport, then burglarizing a neighbor’s home. The San Mateo Police Department said Monday that officers arrested 38-year-old Jackie Gordon Wilson on…

Mom Says Man Tried to Kidnap Girl. Then the Story Changed

April 3, 2019 |

A mother initially said an Egyptian man tried to kidnap her daughter from a West Virginia mall, but he was released from jail after she changed her story the following day. The mother and 5-year-old were shopping at Old Navy in the Huntington Mall in Barboursville on Monday night when…

Howard Kurtz: Media tried to convict President Trump, Mueller’s findings show they were wrong

March 26, 2019 |

After the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump and his administration, many mainstream media outlets are being criticized for their coverage during the last two years of the probe.
FOX News

Former Afghan hostage being tried on assault against wife

March 25, 2019 |

Former Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle has gone on trial in Canada on charges that he repeatedly assaulted his wife.
FOX News

Letters Show Dickens Tried to Have Wife Committed

February 23, 2019 |

Newly discovered letters show a different side of Charles Dickens, and it’s not pretty. His actions after starting an affair with a young actress included trying to get his wife, Catherine, committed to a mental asylum, a University of York professor who analyzed the 98 letters has found. “What I…

They Tried to Find Lost Ship, Lost Something of Their Own

February 15, 2019 |

A team of Antarctic researchers at the start of the week began its search for one of the most famous lost ships in history—and lost a sub in the process. The search for the shipwreck of Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance in the Weddell Sea was called off on Thursday, with…

Tabloid CEO’s lawyer denies National Enquirer tried to extort Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

February 10, 2019 |

The National Enquirer committed neither extortion nor blackmail by threatening to publish intimate photos of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, an attorney for the head of the tabloid’s parent company said Sunday.

Elkan Abromowitz, an attorney for American Media Inc. Chief Executive David Pecker, said on Sunday…

L.A. Times – Business

Ronan Farrow Says AMI Tried to Blackmail Him

February 8, 2019 |

Hours after Jeff Bezos accused the National Enquirer ‘s parent company of blackmail , Ronan Farrow said American Media Inc. had done the same thing to him and at least one other journalist. Farrow tweeted Thursday night that after breaking stories on the Enquire r’s “catch and kill” arrangement with President…

Giant Ice Disk Wows Observers. One Tried to Carve It Up

January 26, 2019 |

As if 50-degree temperatures and heavy rains weren’t enough of a threat, a 300-foot-wide, perfectly formed ice floe that has been drawing crowds to Westbrook, Maine, suffered chopping and hacking Thursday by a man who said he wanted to turn the disk into a giant peace sign. Christopher Angelo, 44,…