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| February 21, 2019

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EU Struggles to Reach United Response to Venezuelan Crisis

February 3, 2019 |

A group of European countries is set to recognize Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president but the European Union is struggling to agree a common stance on the Venezuelan crisis. What’s News Europe

United and American airlines try to outdo each other on entertainment

January 31, 2019 |

The nation’s biggest airlines have launched a battle to outdo one another with free onboard entertainment, and it looks as if the winners are music- and TV-loving passengers.

United Airlines fired its latest volley by announcing Wednesday that it has begun to offer free live television on 211 of…

L.A. Times – Business

United Airlines refunds deployed soldier after canceled Christmas flight fiasco

January 5, 2019 |

United Airlines quickly reversed itself in what could have been another embarrassing public relations gaffe for the carrier.
FOX News

United Airlines sells a cookbook inspired by onboard meals

December 29, 2018 |

Airline food is often the subject of stand-up comedy bits, but that hasn’t stopped United Airlines from publishing a cookbook inspired by dishes served in the carrier’s high-end, business-class section, Polaris.

Polaris is the exclusive section at the front of the plane where fliers get comfy with…

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United Arab Emirates to reopen embassy in Syrian capital

December 28, 2018 |

The United Arab Emirates will reopen its embassy in Damascus seven years after withdrawing its diplomatic representation from Syria, the Emirati government said Thursday. – RSS Channel – World

Mourinho Fired From Manchester United as Premier League Heavyweights Struggle

December 19, 2018 |

Manchester United parted ways with manager Jose Mourinho, bringing to an end one of the unhappiest arrangements in the English Premier League. What’s News Europe


Child Dikembe Mutombo Brought to United States is in Surgery for Tumor Removal

December 17, 2018 |

The little boy who came over from the Congo — with a major assist from retired NBA star Dikembe Mutombo — is on the operating table right now, and by day’s end, he could be tumor free. TMZ has learned 8-year-old Matadi went into surgery Sunday at…

United Airlines nixes Santa hats and other non-professional adornments for flight attendants

December 16, 2018 |

During the holiday season, United Airlines gives its flight attendants some leeway on how to accessorize their uniforms.

But the Chicago-based airline apparently doesn’t want its flight crews to go overboard with extras that detract from the flight attendants’ professional image.

That was the key…

L.A. Times – Business