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| January 21, 2019

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Cops Want DNA From All Men at Facility Where Patient Gave Birth

January 9, 2019 |

Police served a search warrant Tuesday to get DNA from all male employees at a long-term care facility in Phoenix where a patient who had been in a vegetative state for years gave birth , triggering reviews by state agencies and putting a spotlight on safety concerns for patients who are…

Fed chief tells investors what they want to hear: The central bank will be ‘patient’ on more rate hikes

January 7, 2019 |

Despite the latest jobs report indicating the U.S. economy remains on solid footing, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell gave anxious financial markets some additional reassurance on Friday. Powell said the Fed would be “patient” to see how the economy develops before policymakers raised…

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Scientists Want to Look for Large Objects Lurking in June Meteor Shower

December 27, 2018 |

Meteor showers called Taurids occur twice each year: in June and in late October or early November. The latter event occurs at night, resulting in visible shooting stars. The June shower (in which the meteors are called Beta Taurids) happens during the day. And, while it may not make for…

Trump: ‘I’ll Call It Whatever They Want’

December 26, 2018 |

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that parts of the federal government will stay closed until Democrats agree to put up more walls along the US-Mexico border to deter criminal elements. He said he’s open to calling the wall something else as long as he ends up with an actual wall,…

Want to cut your tax bill? Keep reading and then call your CPA

December 23, 2018 |

President Trump pledged that his tax law would kill off breaks and complex loopholes for the wealthy. Instead, the overhaul has ushered in a new generation of maneuvers that taxpayers can exploit before Dec. 31 to minimize next year’s bills.

Some tactics capitalize on provisions in the law that…

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Uber charged him $236 for a ride he didn’t take to a place he didn’t want to go

December 22, 2018 |

Automated online services are totally convenient and totally great — until they’re not. That’s when consumers are reminded that the robot takeover is upon us and resistance is futile.

At least that’s what was going through my head when I chatted recently with Silver Lake resident Steve Robinson,…

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Pete Davidson: ‘I Really Don’t Want to Be on This Earth’

December 15, 2018 |

Is Pete Davidson on the brink? The Saturday Night Live star posted a couple of online missives Saturday that touch on mental health and suicide, per TMZ . “I really don’t want to be on this earth anymore,” writes the 25-year-old on Instagram. “I’m doing my best to stay here for…


Chief Keef Reveals 4 Mystery Kids With 4 Different Mothers, Who Want Child Support

December 9, 2018 |

Chief Keef just made a shocking revelation in court … he’s got 4 more children under the age of 5, and they all have different mothers who are all seeking child support.  The surprising announcement means Chief’s kid tally is up to a…

The Daily: 29% of Freelancers Want to be Paid in Crypto, Asian Exchanges Fake Volume

December 4, 2018 |

The Daily: 29% of Freelancers Want to be Paid in Crypto, Asian Exchanges Fake Volume

Today’s edition of The Daily covers everything from hardware wallets to fake volume on cryptocurrency exchanges. But to kick-start proceedings, we’ve got the first report on a survey in which a surprising proportion of freelancers express an interest in being paid in cryptocurrency.

Also read: Swiss Crypto Valley Association Leadership Steps Down After Governance Review

US Freelancers Express Interest in Crypto Payments

P2P platform has commissioned a survey into the payment preferences of American freelancers. It quizzed 1,100 U.S. citizens to determine their amenability to being paid in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, with 18 percent expressing a clear preference for digital currency payments over fiat currency. Among those questioned were self-employed professionals such as tutors, designers and developers.

Given that the respondents were drawn from across the gig economy and were not prescreened for cryptocurrency interest, the 18 percent statistic can be taken as evidence of growing interest in bitcoin. An additional 11 percent of those surveyed stated that they would like to receive partial payments in cryptocurrency, making a total of 29 percent of freelancers who would be happy to receive crypto.

The Daily: 29% of Freelancers Want to be Paid in Crypto, Asian Exchanges Fake Volume

Ellipal and Ledger Wallets Get an Upgrade

The software that powers cryptocurrency hardware wallets is regularly updated to incorporate new features and coin additions. Ellipal, whose wallet we reviewed a few weeks back, has just had its firmware refreshed. “The Cold Wallet 2.0,” which ships from Hong Kong, now supports XRP, DGB, LTC, DASH, ETC, USDT and CMT, in addition to existing cryptos BTC, BCH and ETH. The accompanying Ellipal smartphone app has also been upgraded, with an improved UI and a new digital assets overview page. Meanwhile, Ledger has updated its Nano S wallet to support monero (XMR).

The Daily: 29% of Freelancers Want to be Paid in Crypto, Asian Exchanges Fake Volume

Storecoin Launches Governance Peer Review

It’s not uncommon for cryptocurrency projects to seek peer review of their technical papers. Zero-fee payment protocol Storecoin has narrowed in on a highly specific facet of its forthcoming blockchain however — governance. In addition to establishing a Governance Peer Review & Working Group, the project is soliciting community feedback on the trade-offs it has proposed in order to settle upon a workable system of governance.

“We believe that the only governance model that can function at global enterprise scale without returning to centralization or descending into the volatility of mob rule is a checks-and-balances based system,” concludes its public peer review document.

The Daily: 29% of Freelancers Want to be Paid in Crypto, Asian Exchanges Fake Volume


Coinbit and GDAC Accused of Manipulating Volume

Coinbit and GDAC, two South Korean exchanges that launched during the summer, have joined the growing list of Asian platforms that Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) accuses of fake volume. Inflating trading figures is a way that some exchanges game the system, placing them higher in Coinmarketcap’s top 100 exchanges by reported volume. Coinbit currently places fourth, with around $ 600 million of cryptocurrency supposedly traded in the past 24 hours, while GDAC occupies the 53rd spot.

The Daily: 29% of Freelancers Want to be Paid in Crypto, Asian Exchanges Fake Volume“Since GDAC’s trade fees are 0 percent the exchange redistributes its tokens ‘based on contribution for buy orders’ and calls it a ‘Purchase Contribution Air Drop,’ but the principle is the same as trans-fee mining,” explains CER. It also notes that in mid-November, Coinbit claimed the top spot on Coinmarketcap by reported volume, placing it ahead of Binance and Bitmex. Transaction fee mining exchanges remain highly controversial, with CER having previously taken platforms like Bitforex and Fcoin to task for similar practices. When Coinmarketcap’s exchanges are ranked by adjusted volume rather than reported volume, it’s no surprise that Coinbit and GDAC fall out of the top 100.

What are your thoughts on today’s news tidbits as featured in The Daily? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Good tax news for people who want to gift lots of money to their heirs

November 22, 2018 |

The Internal Revenue Service is proposing a potential benefit for wealthy taxpayers, saying that individuals who give lots of gifts to their heirs under a generous but temporary provision of the 2017 Republican tax overhaul won’t later owe taxes on those gifts.

Last year’s tax law doubled the value…

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