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| February 18, 2018

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Cape Town Isn’t Only Big City With Water Crisis

February 12, 2018 |

Cape Town’s water situation is dire , but although it may soon be the first big city in the world to run out of H2O, it’s not the only one nearing such a precarious position. The BBC takes a look at other major urban areas thirsting for liquid sustenance, citing a…


Social media steps in to ease water crisis

February 2, 2018 |

As Cape Town braces for “Day Zero” — the day when it will run out of water — a grassroots campaign to donate water to the South African city’s residents, originated on WhatsApp, has become a social media phenomenon in less than a week. – RSS Channel – World


Cape Town tightens water limits

February 2, 2018 |

Cape Town — a city once at the forefront of Africa’s green movement — implemented new emergency water restrictions Thursday as the sprawling metropolis prepares for the day their taps run dry. – RSS Channel – World

Tourists Say They Ordered Steaks, Water, Got $1.3K Bill

January 23, 2018 |

Four Japanese tourists were reportedly taken to the cleaners by a Venice restaurant, and now authorities are looking into the meal. ANSA reports the tourists ordered four steaks and a platter of grilled fish—no wine, just mineral water. The spot near St. Mark’s Square reportedly charged them $ 1,350…

LA Times CEO in Hot Water After NPR Exposé

January 19, 2018 |

The parent company of the Los Angeles Times is investigating allegations of inappropriate behavior by Ross Levinsohn, the newspaper’s CEO and publisher. The company, Tronc, began the investigation Thursday after a National Public Radio story detailed two sexual harassment lawsuits that named Levinsohn while he worked at Alta Vista and…

Swiss Can’t Stick Live Lobsters in Boiling Water Anymore

January 11, 2018 |

Lobsters may not actually scream when they’re placed live into pots of boiling water (they don’t have vocal cords), but the jury’s still out on whether they feel pain. Switzerland isn’t taking chances, issuing a government decree that “the practice of plunging live lobsters into boiling water, which is common…

Safety Experts Say ‘Raw Water’ Trend Is a Very Bad Idea

January 3, 2018 |

Is drinking “raw water” a great way to get beneficial minerals and microbes removed by filtration—or do people who pay $ 15 a gallon for untreated water have more money than sense? The subject has been hotly debated since a New York Times story last week looked at people—many…

Sailor Blows Around-the-World Record Out of the Water

December 17, 2017 |

If it seems like just last year that a sailor beat the record for sailing around the world solo with a “mind blowing time,” well, let us introduce you to the new record-holder: Frenchman Francois Gabart completed the feat on Sunday with a time of 42 days, 16 hours, 40…

In Paris Fountains, Let Them Drink Sparkling Water

December 3, 2017 |

As if Paris didn’t already have wine, bread, and cheese going for it, now it’s attempting to woo you with its public drinking fountains in a move that’s actually environmentally motivated. Many such fountains now offer up sparkling water, reports NPR , and for those worried that some might abuse the…