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| June 23, 2018

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Giant 23-Foot Python Swallows Woman Whole

June 17, 2018 |

“Attacks on humans are rare,” read the last Newser story about a 23-foot python swallowing a human in Indonesia. That was in March 2017, and now history repeats its gruesome self, with the victim this time a 54-year-old woman who went to check on her corn. Concerned about wild boar…

Attention, Amazon Prime Members: You’re in Luck at Whole Foods

June 17, 2018 |

One year after bought Whole Foods, the e-commerce giant is offering Prime members discounts and perks at the grocer, in an effort to capture even more of their spending. US Business

A Year After Amazon Devoured Whole Foods, Rivals Are Pursuing Countermoves

June 10, 2018 |’s acquisition has triggered change in the food industry, with major grocery chains offering home delivery while some food makers seek to better sell through the e-commerce giant. US Business

Uber and Lyft see the light on sexual assault, but they could do a whole lot better

May 18, 2018 |

Ride-sharing giants Uber and Lyft patted themselves on the back this week for adopting a totally #MeToo policy that victims of sexual assault and harassment won’t be held to the companies’ forced-arbitration requirement and will be able to seek their day in court.

“We have learned it’s important…

L.A. Times – Business

New Prime Benefit: Extra Discounts at Whole Foods

May 16, 2018 |

It’s Prime time at Whole Foods: Amazon is rolling out discounts for Prime members at the organic grocer. The benefits start Wednesday at stores in Florida and will expand nationwide this summer, the AP reports. Prime members will get an additional 10% off sale items and exclusive deals on certain…

He Was So Rich He Rented a Whole Brothel. Except He Wasn’t

May 13, 2018 |

At one point in 2012, Luke “Milky” Moore paid $ 40,000 to rent himself a brothel for four days. Two years prior, he was penniless, unemployed, and bracing himself for foreclosure. What happened in the interim is the subject of an Esquire piece by David Kushner, who explores the Australian’s…

This Whole Foods Dishwasher Is an Everest Record-Holder

April 17, 2018 |

Between raising two daughters and working as a dishwasher at Whole Foods, Lhakpa Sherpa just doesn’t have time for training to climb Mount Everest. Even so, she has done it a record eight times—and hopes to outdo herself yet again. The 44-year-old native of Nepal holds the world record…

Ingraham Returns to Fox, Goes Whole Hog on Free Speech

April 10, 2018 |

Laura Ingraham returned to her Fox News show Monday night, as promised by the network, after a week off from the controversy over her snarky tweet toward Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. But although Ingraham didn’t mention the hubbub directly, Deadline notes she was back Monday in “full force,” seeming…

Bill Cosby’s New Jury Looks a Whole Lot Like His Last One

April 4, 2018 |

A jury of seven men and five women—10 of them white, two of them black—was seated Wednesday to decide Bill Cosby’s fate after a day marked by defense accusations of racial discrimination. Cosby’s lawyers alleged a member of the prosecution team made a disparaging remark after a black…

US Economic Report Dedicates a Whole Chapter on Cryptocurrencies

March 17, 2018 |

US Economic Report Dedicates a Whole Chapter on Cryptocurrencies

The “2018 Economic Report for the President” has recently been published with a whole chapter dedicated to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and the future of blockchain regulation.

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New Innovations and Markets Presents America’s Regulatory and Legislative Institutions With Unique Challenges

Every year the U.S. Congress publishes an economic report that discusses a variety of subjects that affect the economy such as technology, opioid abuse, employment rates, and the stock market. This year’s “2018 Economic Report” features a whole chapter focused on bitcoin, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and blockchain technology. Chapter nine is called, “Building a secure future, one blockchain at a time.” The congressional study takes note that last year cryptocurrencies had entered a mainstream awareness phase.       

“Blockchain technology — providing cybersecurity and many other potential benefits—broke into the mainstream in 2017 driven by widespread interest and surging valuations in digital currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum,” explains the report.

These new innovations and markets presented America’s regulatory and legislative institutions with unique challenges as well as technology that could revolutionize the world’s digital landscape and economy.

US Economic Report Dedicates a Whole Chapter on Cryptocurrencies

The Study Compares Cryptocurrencies to the Internet

The economic study is meant to use analysis and create conclusions in order to assist individual government committees and Congress. Chapter nine calls 2017 “The Year of Cryptocurrencies,” and the technology’s phenomenal rise is considered a significant economic event that stands out to the report’s researchers. The study also emphasizes how well traditional stocks did last year, but they did not compare to digital asset markets.        

“While both stock market measures experienced strong growth, cryptocurrencies dwarfed their performance,” explains the government research.

The buzz surrounding digital currencies resembles the internet excitement in the late 1990s when people recognized technology companies could change the world — Many internet companies launched and their valuations took off in short order — Many failed, but a few succeeded spectacularly and challenged the conventional ways of doing business.

US Economic Report Dedicates a Whole Chapter on Cryptocurrencies
The U.S. 2018 Economic Report. Chapter 9. 

Regulations Must Curtail Crypto-Growing Pains and Misuses

Of course, the report details that control is needed for these nascent technologies. It also highlights the possibility of fraud within the ICO market but recognizes how well the crowdfunding solution performed last year. Further, the paper explains how there has never been any evidence of anyone “hacking a blockchain’s underlying protocol, but digital currencies are still vulnerable to theft.” The report details that U.S. officials must combine efforts to combat “growing pains and misuses.”

“Policymakers, regulators, and entrepreneurs should continue to work together to ensure developers can deploy these new blockchain technologies quickly and in a manner that protects Americans from fraud, theft, and abuse, while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations,” the 2018 economic report researchers conclude.

What do you think about the U.S. government’s 2018 Economic Report dedicating a whole chapter towards bitcoin, and blockchain technology? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments below.

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