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| May 24, 2019

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Bald eagle euthanized after being shot, poisoned with lead, wildlife officials say

February 9, 2019 |

A bald eagle was euthanized Friday morning in California after it was illegally shot with a pellet gun and poisoned with lead, authorities said.
FOX News

WWF: Wildlife Numbers Have Fallen Off Cliff Since 1970

October 30, 2018 |

The WWF conservation group is out with the results of a massive new assessment of the world’s wildlife, and things are looking pretty grim. The big takeaway stat is that populations of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians have plunged by an average of 60% since 1970, reports the Guardian…

Idaho Wildlife Official’s Safari Photos Spark an Uproar

October 15, 2018 |

Another controversy is brewing about an American hunter’s safari in Africa. This time it involves a Fish and Game commissioner in Idaho named Blake Fischer, who returned from a hunt in Namibia with his wife and boasted by email of all the animals he killed with a bow, reports the…

Croc Finds Wildlife Ranger Waist-Deep in Water

October 14, 2018 |

A wildlife ranger was killed by a crocodile Friday in Australia’s Northern Territory while gathering mussels with her family in a waterhole, police tell the AP . The indigenous woman was attacked in a remote area 28 miles southwest of the community of Yirrkala. The employment safety watchdog NT WorkSafe says…

Virginia wildlife officials share ‘extremely rare’ photos of two-headed copperhead snake

September 21, 2018 |

Officials with the Virginia Wildlife Management and Control on Sunday took to Facebook to share “extremely rare photos” of a two-headed copperhead snake.
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A Big Change Is Proposed to Wildlife Protections

July 23, 2018 |

Those who back the Endangered Species Act won’t be happy to read a quote in the New York Times that sums up a story about its fate: “It’s probably the best chance that we have had in 25 years to actually make any substantial changes,” says Richard Pombo, a congressman-turned-lobbyist…

Two-headed fawn found in Minnesota forest shows rare wildlife deformity

May 13, 2018 |

A mushroom hunter’s discovery of a conjoined white-tailed fawn in a Minnesota forest two years ago is being hailed by researchers as a landmark case among oddities in nature.
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Video shows visitors to Dutch wildlife park fleeing cheetahs

May 12, 2018 |

A group of tourists had an unsettling experience at a Dutch wildlife park after they got out of their car and were chased backed in by several cheetahs.
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2 Charged With Harassing Wildlife for ‘Gator Shotgun’

May 28, 2017 |

Two men in South Carolina who admitted to blowing smoke into a young alligator’s mouth and pouring beer down its throat have been charged with harassing wildlife, the AP reports. State Department of Natural Resources spokesperson Kyndel McConchie said Friday that 20-year-old Joseph Floyd Jr. and 21-year-old Zachary Brown admitted…