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| June 23, 2018

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Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH

June 22, 2018 |

Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH

This week as the world watches the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a new online game called Bitcoin Cash Football has been launched where users can play as managers or players within a season of matches. Players earn fractions of bitcoin cash (BCH) by playing the game, but Bitcoin Cash Football is also having a World Cup tournament where teams can play for jackpots of BCH.    

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The Bitcoin Cash Football App Allows Players to Win BCH and Compete Against Teams

Right now, until the final match on July 15, 2018, the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Russia, and the whole world is watching. During this time a team of developers called Mobtwo released a new app on Google Play called Bitcoin Cash Football. The game is multiplayer, where you can play real players all across the world. Moreover, the game is infused with the decentralized cryptocurrency BCH throughout the season.

Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH

Bitcoin cash is the official in-game currency for the football app and players can buy/sell star athletes, upgrade stadium facilities, training grounds, and a team system all by using BCH. Just like any other games with specialty upgrades, the modifications continue to make improvements to players and stadiums for more competitive gameplay. In addition to this, there will be BCH prices that allow Clubs to compete against each other during the week ending cup competitions and leagues.

“When they are tired of it, they can withdraw their bitcoin cash into their outside wallet,” explains Mobtwo.

This means free players can play the game and earn bitcoin cash (grooming/selling players, winning cups or leagues), if they are willing to put in the effort.

Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH

Player and Manager Modes Give Unique Features

The Bitcoin Cash Football game has a player mode and a manager mode that offer players different features. For instance, using the player mode players can make different choices during their career like buy apartments, planes, maids, and purchase virtual stocks and bonds. Besides recreational activities, the players also compete within the Club matches.

Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH

Manager mode allows users to buy/sell players with other multiplayer users. Furthermore, managers can recruit star players and upgrade stadiums to help you compete for the World Cup.

“You can play 10 defenders if you want to, a super flexible realistic match engine that usually means you’re going to lose the game even with 10-star defenders,” details Mobtwo. “If you’re late, then you have to wait for another week to be included in the competitions.”

The Bitcoin Cash Football creators spread the news about the new app on Reddit and explained that competitions start Monday. When asked if the developers would be creating an iOS version of the game Mobtwo added:

iOS is not friendly to cryptocurrencies so that’s why we chose Android. If there is sufficient demand, then we may consider developing a web version for it.

What do you think about the Bitcoin Cash Football app? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

Images via Shutterstock, and Bitcoin Cash Football

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‘Too Far’: Reporter Groped at World Cup Speaks Out

June 21, 2018 |

“We do not deserve this treatment,” says a female reporter groped and kissed by a male bystander during a live report on the World Cup from Russia. Colombia’s Julieth Gonzalez Theran completed the June 14 segment for Deutsche Welle’s Spanish news channel without missing a beat—her breast-grabbing, cheek-kissing assailant…


The World Health Organization will stop classifying transgender people as mentally ill

June 21, 2018 |

The World Health Organization no longer classifies transgender people as mentally ill. – RSS Channel – World

Little Bugs are Big Annoyance For World Cup Athletes

June 19, 2018 |

Little bugs were a big annoyance at the World Cup on Monday. During England’s 2-1 victory over Tunisia, midges descended on the Volgograd Arena. Players from both sides, but particularly those from England, spent an undue amount of time trying to ward them off during the match per the AP…


Did World Cup goal celebration trigger an ‘artificial earthquake’ in Mexico?

June 18, 2018 |

A tweet about an artificial earthquake in Mexico City, during the World Cup game went viral. But none of the official monitoring agencies picked up on it. – RSS Channel – Regions – Americas

Birthday cake for Salah at Egypt team hotel at World Cup

June 16, 2018 |

Fans and Chechnya’s leadership have presented Egypt striker Mohamed Salah with a giant cake to mark his 26th birthday, the Egyptian soccer association’s spokesman said Saturday.
FOX News

Europe Ponders New World Order as Trans-Atlantic Ties Fray

June 15, 2018 |

If current tensions between Donald Trump and his European allies continue to grow, Simon Nixon writes, Western Europe could face a moment of ideological dislocation like Eastern Europe did in 1989. What’s News Europe

PR: Blockchain Comes to the Real World with EnergiToken

June 14, 2018 |

Blockchain Comes to the Real World with EnergiToken

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

EnergiToken (ETK), which closed its $ 15 million ICO sale in 82 minutes, today announced that it will list on the first of two exchanges in a week. Community members will be able to deposit and withdraw ETK tokens with ETK/BTC trading pairs on Coinsuper from Thursday 14th June 2018.

Coinsuper is a world leading digital asset exchange founded in Hong Kong and in the top 20 exchanges on Coin Market Cap. In operation since February 2018, it provides cryptocurrency trading for FinTech and blockchain enthusiasts globally. The exchange currently lists many top coins, so ETK will be listed alongside the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, which will be one of the only utility tokens.

Energi Mine is using ETK to revolutionise the global energy market through decentralisation and blockchain technology. The ultimate goal is to reduce global energy demand and carbon emissions by creating a system of financial incentives for businesses and consumers to save energy.

Energi Mine will provide ETK to consumers in exchange for engaging in energy saving behaviours such as using public transportation, purchasing energy efficient appliances to reducing energy consumption.

Currently, phase 1 of the EnergiToken Rewards App (beta version) has already been launched in the UK and Korea with the Japanese version being released this week. So, if you own an electric car you can claim free tokens when you upload proof of purchase documentation.

Energi Mine are working with a number of other partners, including the Energy Managers Association (EMA) who manage the energy for 100k businesses, plus have a number of prospective partners and more announcements due out in the coming weeks.

Omar Rahim, CEO of Energi Mine says: “The Coinsuper team has great experience servicing the community with a reliable and stable exchange with high liquidity. We believe this is the ideal place to list ETK.”

Dr. Anthony Ng, COO of Coinsuper says: “We are excited to be part of Energi Mine ICO journey by being the first exchange that is going to list Energi Token. Their unique idea of rewarding businesses and end users to make energy saving choices marks them out as a company to watch out for in the crypto space.”

The listing on Coinsuper is the first listing of ETK on an exchange, ETK will also be listed on CoinBene this week. CoinBene is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Southeast Asia, used by millions from over 150 countries.

For more information about EnergiToken and its energy-saving reward scheme or to become a partner, please visit, follow on twitter at @EnergiMine or join the Energi Mine Telegram group

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Ripple CEO: Bitcoin Controlled by Chinese, Absurd to Think it Could be Primary World Currency

June 13, 2018 |

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple CEO, answered candidly during an interview about crypto’s prospects for the future. Among other criticisms, he stressed blockchain technology is mostly hype, and that bitcoin core (BTC) is controlled by Chinese miners and has no hope of being a world currency.

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Ripple CEO Bashes Bitcoin

Attendees of the 2018 Stifel Cross Sector Insight Conference in Boston yesterday were probably expecting to learn more about Ripple, the world’s third most popular cryptocurrency by market capitalization. After all, none other than company CEO Brad Garlinghouse was guest of honor for an interview with Stifel Tech analyst Lee Simpson. And while Ripple certainly was the hot topic, Mr. Garlinghouse also took the opportunity to bash its main decentralized competitor, bitcoin core (BTC).

“A number of prominent people,” Mr. Garlinghouse explained, “even Steve Wozniak, has said that he sees a world where Bitcoin is the primary currency. I think that’s absurd. I don’t think that any major economy will allow that to happen. By the way, it doesn’t make sense.” Indeed Woz has said as much, as have Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, who predicted it would happen within the decade.

Ripple CEO: Bitcoin Controlled by Chinese, Absurd to Think it Could be Primary World Currency

Brad Garlinghouse, 47, has held his present position since 2015. His professional background is almost all technology related. Stints with Yahoo!, AOL, working in the investment arena with the likes of Silver Lake Partners, @Ventures, @Home Network, SBC Communications, all round out his experience prior to Ripple.

His views about BTC and its eventual influence have found him very quotable of late, especially this month. He’s spent a great deal of time attempting to separate the coin aspect of Ripple (XRP) from the company itself, and this has lead to some interesting juxtapositioning in his method of argument.

BTC Blockchain Not Disruptive, Chinese in Control

During the Boston interview, he even took on the sacred cow of the corporate world, BTC’s distributed ledger technology. “There’s a lot of blockchain craziness, but there are three indicators of market winners. Blockchain will not disrupt banks […] it will play an important role in the way our system works. It’s a short-sighted view […]. Bitcoin is not the panacea we thought it would be.”

Mr. Garlinghouse then compared XRP to BTC. “This is how liquidity will be managed in the future. Bitcoin today takes 45 minutes to settle a transaction. Banks will use what is efficient and cheaper. And if you deliver a better product at a better price […] they will use it.” Ripple CEO: Bitcoin Controlled by Chinese, Absurd to Think it Could be Primary World Currency

An under-reported story, Ripple’s CEO insisted, is how BTC is “owned by China.” He noted, “The smartest thing you’ve done is not have ‘bit’ or ‘coin’ in your name. I’ll tell you another story that is underreported, but worth paying attention to. Bitcoin is really controlled by China. There are four miners in China that control over 50% of Bitcoin. How do we know that China won’t intervene? How many countries want to use a Chinese-controlled currency? It’s just not going to happen.”

Lastly, he assured, “I own bitcoin. Many people consider it as digital gold. I acknowledge, I’m long [on] crypto. I’d advise folks to only invest in crypto only what you’re willing to lose. It’s early to tell how it is going to play out. I think it’s a pretty good investing strategy. I don’t think about the digital asset market. I think about the customer experience. There are millions unbanked or underbanked. When I think about the transformation, it is fundamentally changing the way millions participate in banking. We can fundamentally change the way this works, to bring an entire population up a step in the system.”

Do you think Ripple’s CEO is correct? Let us know in the comments. 

Images via the Pixabay.

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Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: POT Saves World, Coinbase Pumps ETC, Binance Wants EUR

June 12, 2018 |

Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: POT Saves World, Coinbase Pumps ETC, Binance Wants EUR

The big story of the day is that a cannabis-themed cryptocurrency has been able to stage an international media coup, capturing the attention of news organizations around the world during a historic moment. Additional stories covered in today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief include Coinbase pumping ETC and Binance’s plans to add EUR.

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POT Prevents Nuclear Armageddon

There are three ways to go if you want to get your token on mainstream news these days: get spectacularly hacked, get someone killed, or help bring about peace between two nuclear-armed rivals. Yes, that latter approach is actually real. Potcoin has been sponsoring the peace missions of Dennis Rodman to North Korea for a while now and it is bearing fruit. Two of the basketball star’s friends, US President Trump and Kim Jong-un, have met in an unprecedented occurrence and POT was able to get into the limelight of this histrionic event.

As an example of how much priceless exposure this stunt has brought the altcoin, here is a 16 minutes long interview on CNN with Rodman wearing a POT shirt.

Binance Wants EUR “Soon”

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance plans to leverage its recent Malta operations, which earlier this year were welcomed by the nation’s Prime Minster no less, to allow clients to trade crypto-fiat pairs soon. The popular trading venue will enable euro transactions later this year, and plans to add other fiat currencies as well, according to CEO Zhao Changpeng. CZ further told Bloomberg that Binance will soon acquire a license from the UK’s offshore tax heaven of Jersey in the English Channel, and plans to open an office on the island with as many as a hundred employees. The exchange is also in talks with authorities and banks in Taiwan, the CEO revealed.

Coinbase Pumps ETC

Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: POT Saves World, Coinbase Pumps ETC, Binance Wants EURCoinbase, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it intendeds to add support for Ethereum Classic (ETC) to the platform in the coming months and the altcoin’s price quickly reacted by jumping about 20%. Unlike some major ETC holders that cheered the news, most commenters online seem to deride the move. Critics complain that adding ETC is easy, as it is just an ether fork, and thus Coinbase choose a lazy approach to selecting new assets, even if they are not popular or widely used.

According to the company’s procedures for the process of adding new assets, which were set up to prevent new accusations of insider trading, they can only now begin the engineering work for supporting ETC. So, users can expect to see public-facing APIs and other signs that the asset is being added. When they reach the final testing phase of the technical integration, which is expected to occur over the next few months, Coinbase will publicly announce a launch date.

Wells Fargo Joins Credit Card Ban

Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE:WFC), the American retail banking giant, is the latest big financial institution to decide for its customers that they can no longer be trusted to use their own credit cards to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. “We will continue to evaluate the issue as the market evolves,” Wells Fargo spokeswoman said in a statement. “We’re doing this in order to be consistent across the Wells Fargo enterprise due to the multiple risks associated with this volatile investment.” The bank thus closes ranks with other companies in its industry, like JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America, in a ban on buying crypto with credit.

Valve Shuts Down Opskins’ Trade on Steam

Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: POT Saves World, Coinbase Pumps ETC, Binance Wants EUR
CS GO Tournament

Valve Corporation, the digital distribution company, has notified the game items marketplace Opskins that it disables its accounts associated with trade on the popular Steam platform by June 21, 2018. Opskins only launched Express Trade for CS:GO on June 6, and Valve quickly determined that it “uses Valve intellectual property and violates our Steam Subscriber Agreement, and is already being used by other businesses to avoid Valve policies.”

For its part, Opskins informed users it isn’t going anywhere and has announced the integration of items for nineteen blockchain-based games and services, as “they are smart-contract based, these items cannot ever be taken away from item owners or held to trade restrictions.”

What do you think about today’s news? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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