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| October 17, 2017

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Trump: Rescue a sign world respects US again

October 15, 2017 |

During a speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump hinted at the Taliban’s release of a US-Canadian family. – RSS Channel – World


What Trump’s move on Iran means for the US and the world

October 13, 2017 |

President Donald Trump will not kill the Iran nuclear deal on Friday. – RSS Channel – World


‘Beyond horrific.’ Country music world stunned by Las Vegas shooting

October 4, 2017 |

Country music star Jason Aldean was on stage when a gunman attacked the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada late Sunday night. – RSS Channel – World


America’s gun culture vs. the world in 5 charts

October 3, 2017 |

The mass shooting in Las Vegas has once again reignited the debate around gun rights in the US. Here’s how America’s gun culture compares to the rest of the world. – RSS Channel – Regions – Americas

Head of UN food agency says world must step up Rohingya aid

October 1, 2017 |

The head of the United Nations’ food-assistance agency has urged the international community to step up its support for the relief operation for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh or risk “a massive catastrophic disaster.”
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Opinion: The world cannot ignore the plight of Rohingya Muslims

September 28, 2017 |

The Rohingya Muslims, an ancient community in Myanmar and currently the largest group of stateless people in the world, have been at risk for decades. – RSS Channel – World

This Man May Have Saved World From Nuclear War

September 24, 2017 |

A former Soviet officer by the name of Stanislav Petrov has died, and the key point surfacing in obituaries about him is a pretty remarkable one: His poise under pressure may have saved the world from a nuclear war. As USA Today and the New York Times report, Petrov was…

World Reacts to Trump’s UN Address

September 20, 2017 |

President Trump’s extraordinary speech to the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday has met with strong reactions from other countries—especially the ones he singled out for criticism. Cuba’s Foreign Ministry says the country’s UN delegation has “voiced a strong protest” against Trump’s “disrespectful, unacceptable, and meddling statements,” Reuters reports. In…


Of the 40 million slaves in the world, one in four are children

September 19, 2017 |

More than 40 million people were estimated to be victims of modern slavery in 2016 — and one in four of those were children. – RSS Channel – World