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| September 20, 2019

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Kenya Moore Splits from Husband Marc Daly After 2 Years

September 19, 2019 |

Kenya Moore is calling it quits with her husband, Marc Daly, after just over 2 years of marriage. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star says it’s with “profound sadness” that she is divorcing Daly. She adds … “Due to recent and ongoing…

Diary of ‘Polish Anne Frank’ Emerges After 70 Years in Vault

September 13, 2019 |

When Renia Spiegel was 15, she started keeping a diary. Now, 70 years later, the journal from the girl some call the “Polish Anne Frank” is set to be published. Per NBC News , Renia’s Diary: a Holocaust Journal will be out Sept. 24 after decades stashed in a New York…

The Universe May Have Just Lost a Couple of Billion Years

September 13, 2019 |

The universe is looking younger every day, it seems. New calculations suggest the universe could be a couple of billion years younger than scientists now estimate, and even younger than suggested by two other calculations published this year that trimmed hundreds of millions of years from the age of the…

NYC Cops: We Nabbed Elderly Man Wanted for Years

September 6, 2019 |

It was the “unassuming demeanor, simple clothes, and large glasses” that police say helped the elderly man pull off his heists: more than $ 400,000 in jewelry and watches allegedly taken from New York City apartments over the past five years. The New York Times reports Samuel Sabatino, variously identified…

Couple Arrested for Burglary 3 Years After Lottery Win

September 4, 2019 |

A Michigan couple who won $ 500,000 on a state lottery scratch-off ticket in 2016 has been charged in a string of burglaries. reports that 29-year-old Mitchell Arnswald and 28-year-old Stephanie Harvell were arraigned Friday on home invasion and possession of burglary tools charges. They are each being…


German President asks for forgiveness 80 years after start of World War II

September 1, 2019 |

Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has asked for Poland’s forgiveness 80 years after the start of World War II. – RSS Channel – World

Richard Linklater to Take 20 Years to Shoot This Film

August 30, 2019 |

Think Richard Linklater’s Oscar-winning film Boyhood , shot over 12 years, was an ambitious undertaking? That’s nothing compared to what the 59-year-old director now has in the works. Linklater is planning an adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Merrily We Roll Along , which is to be shot over 20 years, per Collider…

Man to Be Freed After Serving 36 Years for Stealing $50

August 30, 2019 |

An Alabama man who has served close to 36 years in prison for robbing a bakery with a pocket knife will be free within days. Alvin Kennard was 22 when he was sentenced to life without parole for the 1983 crime, in which nobody was injured and he made off…

Malicious websites were used to secretly hack iPhones for years, says Google

August 30, 2019 |

Security researchers at Google say they’ve found a number of malicious websites which, when visited, could quietly hack into a victim’s iPhone by exploiting a set of previously undisclosed software flaws.

Google’s Project Zero said in a deep-dive blog post published late on Thursday that the websites were visited thousands of times per week by unsuspecting victims, in what was described as a “indiscriminate” attack.

“Simply visiting the hacked site was enough for the exploit server to attack your device, and if it was successful, install a monitoring implant,” said Ian Beer, a security researcher at Project Zero.

He said the websites had been hacking iPhones over a “period of at least two years.”

The researchers found five distinct exploit chains involving 12 separate security flaws, including seven involving Safari, the in-built web browser on iPhones. The five separate attack chains allowed an attacker to gain “root” access to the device — the highest level of access and privilege on an iPhone. In doing so, an attacker can gain access to the device’s full range of features normally off-limits to the user. That means an attacker can quietly install malicious apps can be installed to spy on an iPhone owner without their knowledge or consent.

Google said based off their analysis, the vulnerabilities were used to steal a user’s photos and messages, and track their location in near-realtime. The “implant” could also access the user’s on-device bank of saved passwords.

The vulnerabilities affect iOS 10 through to the current iOS 12 software version.

Google privately disclosed the vulnerabilities in February, giving Apple only a week to fix the flaws and roll out updates to its users. That’s a fraction of the 90 days typically given to software developers, giving an indication of the severity of the vulnerabilities.

Apple issued a fix six days later with iOS 12.1.4 for iPhone 5s and iPad Air and later.

Beer said it’s possible other hacking campaigns currently in action.

The iPhone and iPad maker has a good rap on security and privacy matters. Recently the company increased its maximum bug bounty payout to $ 1 million for security researchers who find flaws that can silently target an iPhone and gain root-level privileges without any user interaction. Under Apple’s new bounty rules — set to go into effect later this year — Google would’ve been eligible for several million dollars in bounties.

A spokesperson for Apple did not immediately comment.